HTC Espresso Hitting T-Mobile USA Via My Touch 2?


T-Mobile USA sure seems to be getting 2010 started on the right foot. Both TmoNews and Boy Genius Report are reporting that the My Touch 2 will be launching on T-Mobile in 2010.  Code named the My Touch Slide, the device is to feature the newest version of HTC’s Sense UI, sport a 528MHz processor, and feature a QWERTY keyboard and 320×480 display. This would be potential successor to the My Touch 3G and will launch possibly  on May 17th.

Source: TmoNews via Boy Genius Report


  1. man those specs put me to sleep…again how many versions of the exact same smart phone does tmobile need

    they don't have a sense device yet so i could see it but i am disappointed they wouldn't bump the specs considering it could be a version 2 so to speak

    • dude learn your facts before posting they have the htc hd2 which has sense plus this phone the my touch slide has sense also idiot

  2. HD2 with Android or… nothing. The specs are weak sauce… unless the proc. is the same as the Android processor, but even then, such a slow clock speed makes it dated before it's on the shelf.

    The best apps will be written to the higher end specs. My next phone will be either a Nexus 1 or something of the same caliber…. with 512K RAM or better.

    • I suggest you wait for the Enterprise version with a qwerty, or just get the Tegra 2 Android which will launch around the same time of the new iPhone… this way you have a phone good to go for at least 3-4 years.

  3. These bubbles behind the icons are horrible. HTC Hero 1.5 Gui is the taste, beauty, and clear appearance. Why they do this? I wish Hero 2.1 won't get this disguisting design.

  4. Considering how smooth the Espresso Sense runs on my G1 I don't find a problem with the 528mhz speed , however since Android 2.1, which it runs on, is more graphics focused those MSM Qualcomm chips would not do the job.

  5. okay you my touch lovers? The new My Touch slide well be out on june 2 and it is sweet!!! Comes with flash player and all the other jazz The same as the old just 100.00 times better . it has voice text so now you can say it and it will write it for you and it has pinch zoom too. if you love the My touch you will love love love this phone.

  6. Is T-mobile ever going to come out with a snapdragon. I mean they just keep comeing out with the same processor. What's up with that. Snapdragon has been around a wile and all the other phone companies are comeing out with there version of nexus one why not them. Google wants us to pay 500 for the nexus one and I can't upgrade to it because I am on a faimly plan. I think that T-mobile needs to get with the times.

  7. I am really glad to learn this exciting information about T-Mobile USA sure which seems to be getting 2010 started on the right foot. It is hoped that it is up to the expectations of the users. Thanks.

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