March 29, 2015

Motorola Shadow "Could" be Nexus Two

A few weeks back we posted an article about an upcoming handset from Motorola called the Mirage (or Shadow).  At the time, we posited that the phone would likely be called the Mirage.  We’re hearing today that it’s leaning more in the direction of  Shadow and.  Further, it’s being rumored that this will end up as the Nexus Two.  Yep, we’re already talking about that.

Check out a couple of pictures that may or may not be fan renders which look like they could be descendant of the Motorola Droid/Milestone.  Although similar overall, the Shadow does have some subtle differences.  Take a look at the wrist strap and white keyboard and you’ll see (potentially) a nice new look.  Real or not, we’re somewhat intrigued by this handset.

Source: Alfred’s Blog (translate)


  1. wristo

    Some ppl are saying they dont like the wrist strap… while I wont be wearing it on my wrist, it will make the phone much easier to get out of my pocket, and I really like the idea for that reason!

  2. bryan

    The two pictures / renders are of different designs. The loop for the wrist strap is in a different place on each one. They are most likely renders, not pictures of an actual phone.

      • @bryan

        Yep, both pics are from the same phone.
        The second pic just got cutoff at the top, so it does look like the loop is at the side. However, it is at the bottom. Compare the Red glow and check the Clock placement.

  3. jpd

    At the nexus one press event they said we'd be waiting a long time for the nexus two. This probably isn't it.


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