Next Android Build to be Called ‘Froyo’, Not ‘Flan’

Many, including ourselves, assumed the next version of Android to get a neato nickname was going to be Flan.  According to Erick Tseng, Senior Product Manager of Android, it will be called Froyo, as in frozen yogurt. Either way, it sounds delicious. It will probably make for a better, more realistic display for out in front of the Googleplex anyways.

Source: Engadget interview

  • Dom

    So is this gonna be after 2.1?

  • Arg

    very nice chat, i love what the chinese guy is talking about in the last few minutes of the 3rd vid…too bad it will take ages untill it becomes avalible in czech ;/

  • Alex

    If they are referencing Frozen Yogurt they should have used Frogurt

  • sarmin

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  • It is worth waiting for this next android build which is to be called ‘froyo’ and not ‘flan’.  However, as argued, it would be fine either way. thanks for sharing.

  • It is great listening to them about this exciting information about these interesting features.  We’re waiting expectantly for better.