Sprint’s HTC ‘Supersonic’ to be WiMAX-Enabled Android

Engadget is reporting that a recently uncovered HTC handset with WiMAX  will be known as the Supersonic.  Further, they’ve added a few details to the mix. Among the rumored specs are a massive 4.3″ touch screen, a kickstand on the rear, Snapdragon speeds, and Sense UI based off of Android 2.1. The WiMAX part really intrigues us as it could be among the first handsets to feature true 4th generation data connectivity. 

It’s not yet known when we’ll be seeing this handset nor what the price might be.  Either way, we’re on board with everything we’re hearing so far.  If the rumors of a Walmart/Sprint WiMAX build-out turn out to be true, it could be sometime later this summer.

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  • Ozz

    Well since Google, and TMO have decided to kick all of us loyal customers in the rear this may get me to take a look at Sprint.

    • menzo44

      i left Tmobile for sprint when they rolled out "project black". I Love it. 3g pretty much everywhere. and for me and my wife its cheaper than tmo.

  • jeff

    Maybe Sprint should spend more time getting Android 2.x ready for the Hero, and Moment . Then they may just have the sales numbers to compete with other providers.

  • johnkzin

    4.3" screen? It's about freakin' time an Android phone had the proper screen size!!!

    Now if it just had a T-Mobile version (even without 4G, a 4.3" screen is what I want), and a physical qwerty.

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