2.0 for G1 Within Two Weeks?


The screenshot to the left is purportedly from an internal T-mobile forum, with a moderator saying that the G1 will get an update by the end of January.

Take it with a grain of salt, but the word on Twitter is that this will be none other than an OTA update to Android 2.0. We shall see!

Source: therealriley


  1. Maybe this is a gift for early Android adopters….. just when everyone had given up hope. This would hold me over til the next gen g1 comes out, whatever that may be.

      • That'd be cool. A friend of mine at google has heard nothing about this. he's not on the android team so that doesn't mean it isn't happening, but he hearts android and pays attention to what's up with that team so he has doubts about this rumor.

  2. I'm wondering why there hasn't been an updated rom for the ADP1? The ADP1 got 1.6 a week or two before the OTA updates, and since there's essentially no difference other than root, I don't see why there should be a holdup this time around.

  3. Who cares if t-mobile releases a slow, unoptimized 2.0 update for the g1? I am already running 2.0 on a g1 thanks to cyanogen, and it runs quite well.

  4. I emailed a HTC rep and asked about the possibility of releasing the G1 drivers so the likes of XDA can take over providing 2.0 roms for the G1, this is what the rep said:

    "Android 2.1 HTC Dream is unknown at this time. I can not give you the exact date when it will release. But I know that there will be a new upgrade will be available soon "

  5. I'm with you Alz. I just want the drivers. Then XDA will have unlimited ability to make what ever they want.

    And, I agree that this 2.0 release is boring news to me. It will most likely be something like cyanogens rom. That is a chopped up version of 2.0. For those that don't know a vanilla G1 does not have the space requirements for 2.0 to run.

  6. I doubt it will be real 2.0 as people seem to agree with me on. Evidence of this is the fact that UK users had 1.6 a week, if I recall correctly, before US. For testing purposes and such. So wait a week, ask your good ol' British Buddies, and you'll know 😉