LG’s InTouch Max GW620 Arrives Later Than Expected, Still Surprises T-Mobile UK


Remember the LG Etna? After getting announced back in September, we’re finally hearing which carrier(s) will be offering the handset. Initially rumored for a year-end release, the phone has picked up a new name and is now available.  As it turns out, one of the carriers who will be offering the phone is also finding out today as well. T-Mobile UK had slated the phone for release in February but apparently LG thinks they have them ready to go now.

Aside from T-Mobile, the other carrier to provide the newly dubbed “InTouch Max” will be Virgin Mobile. The InTouch Max GW620 features Android 1.5 and gives users the ability to toggle between stock Android or the custom LG user interface.  While the specs might sound lackluster when compared to the Nexus One or Xperia X10, it’s right along the lines of all current Android phones.  Further, it’s not uncommon for Virgin Mobile to offer handsets at this point in their specs/lifecycle as it helps keep costs down for their subscribers.

If you’re a T-Mobile customer, the rumor is you’ll be able to get the phone for free with a 2-year, £20/month contract whereas Virgin Mobile subscribers get it for £22/month on an 18-month contract.