IBM’s Lotus Notes on the Way to Android


IBM plans to release official Lotus Notes client for Android devices though an official timeline hasn’t been made available. The app will handle mail, calendar and contacts and will be designed to run on Android 2.0 and higher. The full details and specific features  have yet to be finalized by the company.

Basically, it’s just IBM saying that they recognize Android as a platform viable enough to create an app for.

Speaking at their Lotusphere conference in Florida, IBM said the app will be called Lotus Notes Traveler and will be a free download. Of course, users will be required to have Lotus Domino server software.  This marks the second major secure email client for Android behind Good Technology’s.

Source: ZDNet UK


  1. Said it was an attack page yesterday not today.

    As for the news about Notes. "sweet raptor Jesus, Nooooooooooo!"

    I remember reading a review of notes once that said it had all the charm of a cornered rat, but then again I'm bitter, I've been forced to use it on a daily basis for 8 years.