Motorola Droid Receiving OTA Update


An Over-The-Air update was released to Motorola Droid owners last night. While the update won’t allow Droid owners  to experience all the goodness that is Android 2.1 just yet, it will allow users to update their Facebook pages.  Apparently, many Droid owners were experiencing a data corruption issue when updating their status on the Droid.  This OTA update sets out to fix this.   If you’ve been experiencing problems with Facebook on your Motorola Droid, this should do the trick. I should also note that it will not change the version number.   Next up: Android 2.1!

Source: UberGizmo


  1. I callef VZW they deny all knowledge of an OTA.Why would they deny an OTA if they were the one's pushing it out. I think your reporting is faulty

  2. Still finding it weird that we haven't seen an actual announcement from Verizon on this OTA update. A 61MB file is pretty significant to not even garner a press release. I guess that 2.1 update better be here Friday like we are expecting. 🙂

  3. If its a silent update that doesn't change the version number, then how the heck are you supposed to know whether you've already received it?

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