Motorola Milestone Rooted!

Well it took a while, but the Motorola Milestone has finally been rooted! Now all happy Milestone owners can enjoy loading custom ROMs on to their hot multi-touch handset. How about Android 2.1, HTC Sense, or Motoblur?  It’s all yours. However, as someone who previously bricked a G1, be careful and only follow trusted directions.

For those brave enough, take a trip over to our friends at xda-developers and grab some ROMS!

Source: Gadget Venue

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  1. jeff
    January 20, 17:40 Reply

    google is blocking android guys right now for "hosting malware"

  2. Kekin
    February 02, 07:48 Reply

    XDA-Dev doesnt have any roms for Milestones, fyi.

  3. Karl
    February 17, 05:31 Reply

    No you can't. The Milestone is locked as Motorola digitally signs the bootloader so you can't install custom ROMS which is different from the Droid which you are free to install any custom ROM you want after rooting. Your announcement is misguided.

    July 25, 18:50 Reply

    Hello…I am from cyprus…..
    I have motorola mile for 2 weeks and rooted yesterday…
    I downloaded terminal for android and wrote SU and gave me this #
    something for privilege access root and I said ALWAYS…..(ROOTED)

  5. john Leonidou
    July 25, 18:56 Reply

    about motorola milestone.. I have u need 3 files to root… is not only sbf file with rsd lite and is onother one file..that's all…..If you want about how to root…
    Lyserver@primehome or John Leonidou at facebook add me as friend

    I want to help people those have motorola milestone…That's told me Motorola milestone is unrooted

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