SlideScreen – Home Screen Replacement

Many handset manufacturers will take Android and give it a face-lift before dropping it onto a phone. Take a look at MotoBlur or Sense UI for some of the better examples.  Now this job is being taken into the hands of developers.

While there have been many home screen replacements, I think I’ve found one that not only does it well, but brings a fresh approach.  On top of that, it shows me all of the information I would usually spend about 10 min looking for. Larva Labs Ltd. have intuitively made a home screen that displays all the usual information the average Android user actually cares about in a concise and sexy way. Using gestures such as sliding and swiping you can interact with this home screen to peruse different services as pictured above.

The available services currently from top to bottom are:

  • Missed Calls
  • Messages
  • Emails
  • Calender Events
  • Weather
  • Google Reader
  • Stocks
  • Twitter

The setup is a breeze as the only information it requires of you is a Twitter login and the city for which you would like your weather (both optional). It is suggested you read the tutorial that comes with opening the app for the first time to get acquainted with how it works because it is quite a change from what you are used to. SlidesScreen can be used as a single app or you can have it replace your home screen entirely so that every time the home key is clicked it will bring you back to it. My first thoughts on it are:

  • It works much smoother than the original home screen.
  • It brings all of my favourite home screen widgets together.
  • I need only unlock my phone for a second to get updated with what’s going on in all facets of my life.

I have not found anything negative to say about SlideScreen but I will leave all criticism to when we give it a full review. The app is available now in the market as an ad-supported, free version.  The pro version carries a price tag of $6.99.

  • cmhmjmh

    I was hoping this would be coming out as a widget. Not worth the 6.50!!! You only get one home page screen. Ill stick with my ahome. Uninstalled.

  • Asurion Does Not Insure Your Nexus One.

  • Hey did you know that Google views this page as an attack page and won't let me view it without saying ignore the warning… just fyi

    • eselqueso

      same here. what's up with that?

  • Dave

    how much does it drain the battery? This is why I don't use any widgets…

  • This is an excellent app. I have been in the beta for the last few days, and will almost certainly buy it.

    It doesn't drain the battery much more than a normal homescreen. If you are using it it might, but it's pretty good on the power for me.

    • This is a lovely app. It may not have too many features yet but it feels SO polished, one of the most polished apps Android has to offer in my opinion. Love it so far.

  • Sjames313

    Very nice app. When "work email" is one of the options available on the homescreen, I will more than likely re-install and purchase..

  • Tim

    It's a tad slow on the Hero, and I hate the way it only shows unread email – just the items at the top of my inbox, unread or not, would be great.

  • charrion

    Looks good so far, just needs a couple things before I purchase it. Namely a ringer widget and something akin to the power control widget so that I can switch to silent and turn off wifi. Until then I'll have to stick with the regular home screen and the power control widget since I use it regularly.

    • Taylor

      Agreed regarding the power control widget.

      However, if you use Widgetsoid, you can put a Power Control widget in your notificaion bar pulldown menu. That’s what I do.

  • Agree with sjames313, once it supports Corporate calendar and corporate mail, I'm in. I don't use GMail or GCal enough to make it worth it…

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