Canadians, Your Free Magic Won’t Dial 911 As Well


So after my last post, I wish to update Canadian Android’ers that the HTC Magic is experiencing the same GPS/911 problems currently affecting the HTC Dream. Rogers is letting customers know via text message that 911 emergency calls will not complete due to a bug when GPS is enabled. Rogers asks that all Magic owners (and Dream) that you disable your phone’s GPS until further notice. You can do this via the following instructions:

Click on your settings icon
Click on “Wireless Controls”
Uncheck “Enable GPS Satellites”

I write out these almost unnecessary instructions to impress upon all Canadian Dream and Magic owners that you should actually turn off your GPS for the time being because emergencies can happen instantly. So play it safe until Rogers sends out an update.

(via @IWMOPS)



  1. Isn't it funny how Rogers charges us a monthly emergency service fee.. and yet that service isn't being provided as it should be.. theft is theft my friends.. and THAT is theft!