Latest AdMob Report Shows Android Drinking Microsoft’s Milkshake


The latest AdMob metrics report is out today and it’s nothing we haven’t seen yet.  To sum it up quickly, Android continues to grow both here in the US and abroad.   In the span of one year Android traffic (in the AdMob network) has grown from 1% overall to 16%  for North America and Western Europe.

Here in the United States, Android handset now accounts for 7 out of the top ten smartphones that hit AdMob’s network.  The Droid is the most popular, followed by the Dream/G1 and Hero.  If you take a look at Android’s growth over each of the last four quarters, it’s immediately obvious that the platform is eating into Windows Mobile’s share.  This time last year year, Windows Mobile accounted for 12% whereas now it sits at 3% right next “other.”  Ouch.

To view the full AdMob report, head to their website.


  1. Funny you dont think its eating into RIM's share of the market, which went from 20% to 10% over the same period (down 10%, vs WM which is down 9%). Is that because then it would be obvious there is a massive disconnect between browsing usage and sales???