October 24, 2014

Motorola Announces 'SHOP4APPS' Store and Ecosystem

Motorola has formally announced their new SHOP4APPS store for Android-based Motorola phones in China. Aside from being “just another store”, SHOP4APPS is designed to give developers tools to help promote their app(s) in the Chinese market through the MOTODEV developer program as well as other development ecosystems.   

For consumers, SHOP4APPS will help users find apps based on preferences, region, or carrier.  Similar to the Android Market, once you purchase an app, it’s yours to keep.  Move to another handset or wipe your phone clean?  No problem, just grab it out of the cloud again.

The store is also set up to support other handset makers or partners in China who wish to license it.  The plan is to have SHOP4APPS ready to roll in time for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

In addition to the store news, Motorola is announcing a new feature to built into That gives users the ability to choose their favorite search provider.  Don’t like Google?  Swap it out for your preferred search tool.

If you’re an Android developer and want to take advantage of the services, you can submit your app immediately at http://developer.motorola.com.

Source: Press release