Cyanogen “Whips Up” Multitouch for Nexus One

One of the most popular Android hackers has just made one the most popular Android handsets a touch* better.  Steve Kondik, better known as Cyanogen, has figured out how to implement multi-touch into the web browser of the Nexus One.  If you’re among the 20,000 or so people who have a Nexus One, you can do this yourself.  You will, of course, have to root your handset.

In the meanwhile, Steve is hard at work on getting multi-touch to work within other aspects of the Nexus One.

*See what we did there?

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  • I'm not very impressed actually..

  • Multitouch does kinda take away from the browser experience, but this execution of multitouch is just way too jittery and makes things even more annoying in my opinion. But hopefully it gets better as they work on it more. Or better yet, hopefully the Android team will sort out whatever reasons they have for not having native support for it.

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