LOCiMobile Brings Cross-Platform GPS Tracking to Android Users

Having the ability to locate friends through Google Latitude is definitely a cool feature we have as part of the Android army.  But what if we want to see the location of friends who have a Blackberry or an iPhone, or other smartphone ?  Unless they have the latest version of Google Maps and can access Latitude, we are out of luck.  LOCiMobile hopes to help Android users out by porting their popular iLOC application over to Android powered handsets.

Simply named GPSTracking, LOCiMobile allows users across multiple platforms to add their friends and share their location, as well as directions to where they are at with the touch of a button.

The iPhone app, iLOC, has 25,000 total downloads from the iTunes store, making it a pretty successful app.  Whether or not the adoption rate on our beloved Android platform will be as good remains to be seen.  The application is a free, ad supported download.

GPS Tracking is not a new application to Android users, but being able to reach across the platform divide may be appealing, especially if there are many different smartphone models being used in one family.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, you can scan the barcode below to install the app.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

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  • Ok, but the iPhone apps can't run in background anyway (this is why there is not a Google Latitude app on iPhone) so I don't see why this is a better solution than Google Latitude.

    This kind of services are not usable on the iPhone right now … no matter what services/app your are using.
    No need to create an other "Google Latitude".

    • Papo

      I think this app can work in the background on the iphone because it uses the Apple Push Notification Server. I hope Google comes out with something similiar. Have any of you guys heard about this type of server for google?

  • I agree with gpmoo7, why bother with this app? Latitude already does this and is available on Android, iPhone (web app), Blackberry, Windows mobile, Symbian… I don't see why this app is needed or any different. If I wanted to use this all my friends would need to use it too. Just cause it is on the iPhone and has been ported to Android doesn't make it an app worth blogging about.

    Furthermore, any website that has one of those annoying talking person pop ups is an instant Fail in my opinion. 😉

  • Well, I am with both of you there, that was certainly my initial reaction, why create another Latitude? The only upside was cross platform, and as you pointed out, they have to be actually using the app on the iPhone to make it worth while. It will be interesting to see if it gains any traction on Android. I do think Latitude is a superior experience for sure.

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