Revamped myTouch 3G Nears Release, Poses for Pics

Rumored for a February 10th release, the retooled T-Mobile myTouch 3G has been snapped in the wild.  This leads us to believe the phone is all but a go for launch.

For those not familiar with the difference between this and the previous iteration, the new myTouch 3G offers a 3.5mm headphone jack and added memory.  The original MT3G had 192MB app storage whereas this new 1.2 version is whispered to offer 288MB. 

The handset will still come with Android 1.6 however T-Mobile plans to push that along to Android 2.1 over the next few months.

What do yo guys think of the handset?  Too little, too late?  Not a big difference to you? Are there any readers out there who were waiting for this?

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  1. sofaraway731
    January 22, 16:57 Reply

    If they allowed for a cheap upgrade option, I'd be all over this… say trade in my old mytouch and pay $50 or so? I'd upgrade for sure.

    • droidin
      January 22, 20:21 Reply

      Not in 1000 years they will do that. Or so I (owner of "old" MyTouch) believe

  2. Guags
    January 22, 17:00 Reply

    Needs more RAM more than storage. That's probably the biggest reason I moved to the N1.

  3. sam
    January 22, 17:12 Reply

    It is 288mb ram, not app storage

  4. eYe
    January 22, 12:17 Reply

    Just like the OP says… too little too late. Let me add that this was the original desing of Magic/Sapphire before T-mo got their hands on it. This should have been released as the original MT3G.

  5. Ratnok
    January 22, 12:53 Reply

    Weak. It needs at least 1 gig of user memory for app storage, the 3.5 mm headphone jack is way too late, an AMOLED screen for better batter usage, a camera flash, and at least Android 2.0 to be worth the upgrade. Otherwise- YAWN!!!!

  6. Dilbert
    January 22, 18:57 Reply

    It's an interesting release. I don't expect them to create any hype with this new addition. It's basically the same phone as before. The Droid, Nexus, and Sony X10 are far more exciting. By releasing this it's as if they are admitting to a mistake. This is what the original MyTouch 3G should have been. Instead of releasing a refresh they should have come up with something entirely new.

  7. dave
    January 23, 02:16 Reply

    My Rage. So happy I bought the early version. Not.

  8. Ethan
    January 23, 02:25 Reply

    Its a good addition for people who are just getting the Mytouch, but for people who already have it its no big deal. As for it upgrading to 2.1 eventually, is it just for that one, or the original one too? It had better be for both because I am tired of the original getting left out of all the upgrades.

  9. buy pro duo 16gb
    January 23, 06:25 Reply

    Nice post. A lot of interesting comparisons.I'm getting my first android phone tomorrow (HTC Magic). I'd like to get a DROID, but they aren't available here it Aus, and I need a phone now.All the reasons you listed for developers liking Android are the reasons that I will never ever get an iPhone. I believe iPhones are still ahead in most regards, but will lose in the end.

    • Guest
      January 24, 15:46 Reply

      You would believe wrongly about the iphone. Only thing better on the iphone is the touch screen.

        February 01, 02:17 Reply


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