Update: No OTA Update Pushed to Droid

Well folks,  AndroidGuys will admit it: we were wrong. Despite all the talk taking place in the forums and reports by other tech blogs, the Motorola Droid did not receive an OTA update.  Through Twitter, Motorola said today that it hasn’t pushed out an update for the Motorola Droid since the  Android 2.0.1 updated in December.  The question now remains: when is Android 2.1 going to be pushed out?

Source: Android Central

  • Jon

    While theyre at it, they can figure out why ive tried 6 different Bluetooth headsets and have gotten static on all of them… Motorola, Plantronics, LG, and a Jabra… its just plain stupid.

  • Ken

    I'm willing to wait if they will fix the Droid specific issues at the same time, like a brightness setting that doesn't go below 11%. The multimedia clock in dim mode is as bright as most flashlight apps. There is no way anyone from Moto actually looked at it in the dark or ever tried using google maps at night. As fixes go, this one is about as simple as it gets, so if anyone from Moto reads this, FIX IT.

    • Ben

      Moto isn't responsible for Google Maps. they have no more access to Google Maps than you do… Google is the one you need to complain to about Maps. As for the Dock, I agree that it is a bit bright. I wish that they'd lower the minimum auto setting.

  • Just goes to show you that these companies are so goddamn big, their different parts aren't even in communication with one another.Not everyone got the update at the same time. Google and Verizon did a good job on this matter. Releasing it phases keeps from all Android phones from being updated all at once, putting strain on the network.

  • Type1fan

    Please, oh please fix not being able to send audio files through MMS as well. This is the only thing that my friends with "free" phones can do that I can't with the Droid and it really upsets me.

    • joshdestardi

      Which SMS app are you using? I use HandCent, which I L O V E, and it can send audio just fine.