Viewsonic Adds VTablet 101 to List of Android Tablets

The number of Android-based tablets and internet devices seems to be keeping pace with handsets.  It feels like every time we turn around, we’re talking about a new MID or web tablet with Android.  Today finds us bringing you news of the VTablet 101 from Viewsonic.

Many of you are probably familiar with Viewsonic as they’ve been in the monitor game for years.  It will interesting to see if any one tablet maker will emerge as the go-to brand or each will enjoy a small piece of the pie.

The VTablet 101 it will offer a NVIDIA Tegra graphics powering an 8.9-inch touch screen and include 4GB of storage.  Further, the unit features WiFi and Bluetooth.  The rumored price is around $440 US dollars.  As to when we’ll see it, your guess is as good as ours.

Source: Tech 163 via Cloned in China

  • Android phones can't store Apps on anything but the internal storage, so if you want to have alot of nice high resolution well thought out apps you're going to need more than 4gb. Storage for entertainment aside.The coverage may end up crushed but at that price point, it may still have a strong showing in the long run.Considering that the Apple Tablet may be twice (or more than twice) the price, I'd not forget about this little bugger if you are a bit more budget conscious than most.

  • My Samsung Vibrant stores apps on the SD card if I ask it to. Not rooted nor foryo. No problem. Must be new.