HTC Supersonic Screen Grab Has Us SuperExcited, Confused

We’re not even sure where to begin with this one.  Just this week we reported that an upcoming WiMAX-enabled handset called the Supersonic was headed to Sprint.  If you look at the picture to the left of this paragraph, you’ll see a reference to said  codename/product.  Cool, right?  Yes.  Clear?  No.

We’re not sure why we see T-Mobile listed as the carrier at the top.  It’s one thing to have a GSM phone with another carrier’s SIM.  It’s an entirely different thing to go from supposed CDMA to GSM.  T-Mobile‘s not even remotely ready to prep a phone beyond 3G.  And what’s with that Android 3.0 in there!?  Are we to assume that T-Mobile is right around the corner from releasing the first handset with 3.0?  What’s included in the OS that’s not found in 2.1?

That codename specifically mentions HTC Supersonic.  Like HTC Nexus One.  Will this be another phone offered through the channel?

Usually, we get answers with screens like this.  For some reason, this one leaves us with questions.  To date, every leaked pic of this type has been legit.We can’t imagine this being faked.  At least we hope it’s not.

Source: BoyGeniusReport

  • JAguirre1231

    It is probably fake, with a few changes to one file on my g1 I can have it say the same things. Just edit the build.prop in /system if you want to have that too

  • tmonews has the same pic and points out why it's fake.

  • I agree its fake. Starting with the borders on top. They are usually found in the latest cyanogenMod ROMs and on some themes out there. With a rooted phone you can easily modify the build.prop file so it shows Android 3.0 as the version and HTC Supersonic as the device name.

  • It looks like a CyanogenMod. The notification bar where the time is it curves like one of the CyanogenMod

  • Yorick

    Low resolution + CyanogenMod statusbar make this a fake

  • JAguirre1231

    This shows how easy it is

  • There have been rumors of T-mobile partnering with Clearwire to provide a 4G solution (Wimax). T-mobile does not have any firm 4G plans and lack the spectrum to support it. Sprint, Comcast, and Time Warner are already MVNO partners with Clearwire. My guess is the T-mobile will also become an MVNO of Clearwire's 4G Wimax service and deliver 4G service before AT&T and Verizon. Also, keep in mind that Google is a large shareholder of Clearwire. They could help orchestrate some thing like this.

  • Graveghoul

    Also people seem to forget this little thing called photoshop? But there's nothing wrong with getting excited!

  • jackson

    There is no way this phone is on tmobile 4g. First tmobile has no 4g towers. Second they plan on deploying LTE in a few years from now. so you can forget you little concuockted idea because frankly its impossible

  • dude!!!!

    c'mon androidguys, you should have known this was fake… posting this w/o even hearing a tip about 3.0.

    marshmallow tittiy