How My Life Was Ruined by the Nexus One

I began to click refresh on my browser while sitting on at 10:01am on the day of the announcement for the Nexus One. No, I’m not ashamed to admit I am a full-fledged, card-carrying geek.

As soon as the page came up I began to answer the questions posed. Yes, I want the phone. No, I don’t want it engraved. Yay, I qualify for the $179 price. Everything was going according to plan.

Then that blasted conscience of mine kicked in. “Um, dude, you have four kids and just bought all of them plus your wife stuff for Christmas. You can’t afford this right now.” I argued back “I know, but if I sell my G1 for $100 it will mostly offset the price, I’m good”.

I even emailed my wife. I needed her on my side because my conscience wouldn’t stop pestering me.

Part of why we are about to celebrate our 19th year together is because my wife accepts the geek in me. She said if I wanted it, I should get it! Ha, take that conscience.

“Do what you want, but you know this will come back to hurt you later,” it said.

All that was left was a click on the final button and the phone would be mine. It would ship that same day. I was beyond excited at the thought!

Then, I closed the browser.

My conscience won again.

Since then I have scoured and more for updates on the phone I should of been experiencing first hand. Reviews were positive and the issues about a lack of support didn’t bother me because, well, I feel pretty comfortable around Android. I figure I could fix or work around whatever issue that might come up.  I’m a cocky, full-fledged, card carrying geek!

I began visiting the T-Mobile store with greater regularity. I wanted to know exactly what my cost would be both for the phone and the plan. My budget was being tweaked a little so I could buy the Nexus One for both my wife and myself in March, maybe.

Everything was coming together. Then, I held one.


A guy here at work noticed me carrying around my G1 and asked if I had bought the N1. I think he chuckled when I told him I hadn’t. He said he loved his.

He was walking into the bathroom and I did the unthinkable, I followed him.

I couldn’t believe he actually had one. This guy wasn’t an Android fanatic. He wasn’t a contributing writer for the best Android portal in all of cyber space. He didn’t deserve that phone, I did!

He said I could go to his desk to see it if I wanted.

I wanted.

Wow. The reviews about the screen were dead on. I have never seen a screen like that on a handset. At the risk of being corny, it was stunning.

I unlocked the phone figuring I only had a few minutes to play. I moved from screen to screen with ease. I opened the browser and the animation was slick; pages came up quick. I launched Google Maps and was about ready to check out the voice recognition component and keyboard when he walked up.

“I don’t like you anymore,” I said, smiling, as I handed him his phone.

I’m pretty sure he thought I was kidding. I mostly was.

We chatted a bit about how much he loves it. How he has had no issues with the phone. Then I left.

I was OK until I got a call and pulled out my G1 to answer it. My beloved G1 looked so old now. So slow, so clunky and thick, so 2009.


If I sell the G1 and get a payday advance loan I might be able to get my very own Nexus One in February!


  • Simon

    I know your feeling. I also don't have enough money and the problem is that I cannot buy the phone from google since they do not ship to Malta(Europe).

    I have been trying to win one over twitter but unfortunately no luck 🙁

    I wish I had one since I plan to create an application as part of my software project for school.

    I'd also like to simplify my life since a smartphone is like a mini computer always on the go.

    Hopefully one day I will be able to get my hands on a Nexus One.

    • Same here…Not available in the country I am!
      Otherwise I would have told my conscience to shut up. I have my wife's approval and someone to take my HTC Hero, I only need Google approval!

      • Haha, my conscience NEVER shuts up! I'm sure you will get your hands on it too Raphael – what country are you in?

        • Ireland… A country where Google have their European HQ!…

          • Well then.. its GOT to get there soon , Id imagine! I asked cause that was my dads name. He spelled it Rafael though – more latin, ig. Thanks for the info!!!

    • Jose Salviati

      Thanks for the comment Simon. If you are at all like me (and I'm guessing you are) you WILL have the N1 soon… no matter what!! 🙂

      • Simon

        You are right. When I want something so bad I try to find every possible way in order to get it.

        Hope you are right and the N1 will be in my hands!!

    • i'm awaiting my w2, then ~2 weeks, ill be purchasing the nexus one at full price. currently on family plan, and when we signed our 2yr contract the rep at the store (found this out months later while trying to use call forwarding) we are on a "flex-pay" not "post-pay" and in order to switch to post pay, they would have to cancel our contract, charge us 200×2 and then restart a contract. all i know is, when this contract fully expires, if i get any more grief on getting my call forwarding and stopping me from gvoice… heads will roll

  • SparkLingCYaNide

    I ordered mine while refreshing the page during the conference also lol. its nice to know I wasn't the only one. I absolutely Enjoy mine in every way.

    You know what REALLY makes me happy? When I get up in the Morning, pick up my Nexus One, and feel the cold metal frame against my hand. High Quality Build and the Aluminum frame REALLY make it a Pleasure to hold and not just use. You can really tell they put a lot of thought into designing and building this!

    P.S. the On Screen Keyboard is Dead on Balls Accurate and QUICK as hell, just as responsive as the iPhone. And coming from the G1 with its Keyboard thats a VERY good thing and made transitioning even easier.

    • Jose Salviati

      Spark…. I thank you for the comment, however… i no longer like you! Hahahahah. Me and you – proud card carrying geeks…. only YOU are the one with the N1… 🙂 Sigh, I'm happy for you.. no REALLY….

  • Slot of us are right there with you on these emotions… The only difference is my wife doesn't support my inner geek she hates it…

    Be thankful you have her!

    • Jose Salviati

      Thanks Ian. The trade-off is I have to support this shoe habit of hers. UGH!! Haha. Thanks for the comment.

  • I have a family plan so I am boned as well.

    • It would be so much better $ wise if we payed the unsubsidized price. Then me and you both could add the phone to our family plan. But if my conscience was screaming at $179… well, you know. Thanks for the comment Schwiz

  • aversusb

    SO MANY Android phones coming out this year…N1 will be "outdated" or just another Android handset by this summer. Hold out for what EXACTLY you want. QWERTY is on the way!

    • SparkLingCYaNide

      so what, I'll just buy that one also and carry BOTH! so really its a WIN WIN situation, have it now AND have it later.

      • Geez Spark, unlimited funds? Wanna adopt me? 🙂

        • SparkLingCYaNide

          Ahahahaa I make very decent pay but I don't get the joy you get from your children seeing as I don't have any so I think you've really got the longer end of the stick in the errrr…. End. Yeah! (pun))) LOL

    • Dave

      I hope you're right–I'm holding out for QWERTY!

      • I'm still holding out for the N1… unless something better comes along! :>

    • well using that logic you should never buy a phone because it will always be outdated in 3 months… I'm really glad i got this phone, specially because I know it will last me a good year before I sell it to upgrade.

      • My G1 lasted one year… and I STILL love it. Mostly. Haha. Why are service contracts two tears, when a really good phone will be outdated in one? Hmmmm. Thanks for the comment!

        • SparkLingCYaNide

          yeap! Even with the N1 I keep my G1 charged at all times and use it in the bathroom to play NES, Snes, and Gen games lol. Yeah you may not want to borrow my G1 lol

    • Ya…. I agree aversusb.. but, I want it now! I want it, I want it, I want it! 🙂 Thanks for the comment,.

  • Beau

    I paid full price for mine – kicked the ole' lady out a few years ago, so all I have to answer to is child support. But I am planning to get a house this spring/summer and this will be my last large buy, as soon I too will be in uber-budget mode….. BTW it arrives Monday (you should never ever order on a Friday!)

    • LoL im thinking of kicking the old lady to the curb too, I already got the phone but your post put a smile on my face lol, oh how much money i could save by breaking up haha

      • Well, I'm really happy for the smile – thats part of why I write, but keep the chica. :>

    • Ha, thanks for the comment Beau! Full price is the way to go – no doubt. Saves you money in the long run. Good luck with the house!!

  • oscar

    I love this phone to death!!

    • Oscar, I am really happy for you. So super duper happy. :>

      Thanks for the comment.

  • annoyed

    I was refreshing the website too. I saw it available for full price and the T-Mobile section was not available… Then another refresh and there was the T-Mobile option! I immediately clicked and started the process of purchasing the phone using my 30 month old contract. Rather than the satisfaction of completing the transaction I was given a message:

    "T-Mobile's servers are busy or unreachable."

    Fast forward to today (1-23-2010). I have sent multiple emails to Google, tried to get help on the Google Forums, called T-Mobile, and tried to get help on the T-Mobile forums. I am still getting the error and ONLY have the option of buying it for full price even though I have a qualifying contract for an upgrade (not a family plan).

    I am beyond irritated with Google.

    • Ouch! I have heard some of these stories, Im sorry for the hassle. I can't help but think Google will get it all sorted out. I'm pretty sure they want your money and you want the phone – so, its a perfect marriage! Keep fighting fellow card carrying geek! 🙂

  • jeff

    same thing here

    i was holding out some sort of crazy hope that it would be available on tmobiles installment plan….i really need to start saving now because at this point i would even buy the droid if it made it to tmobile

    too bad the nexus doesn't seem to have gorilla glass tho

    • When you look at the Driod next to the N1 – its crazy, the N1 just looks SO much more polished. I considered the Driod too, but Ill just keep stashing money away until the N1 is mine!!! Thanks for the comment Jeff.

  • corey

    i have had the g1 for about a year now but i have had my contract for about 2 years now. i am with t mobile and on my tmobile account it says i am do for and upgrade but the onll phones that it says i can upgrade to is the motorola click and the my touch. and i dont want any of those.

    I WANT THE NEXUS ONE. so what do i do so i can upgrade to the nexus one.. help please

    • Loke

      Just buy the unsubsidised version. What are you waiting for, we all know the URL where you can buy it. JUST DO IT NOW! 🙂

      I did it the day it was released. Took me almost a week to get it though since Google Checkout screwed up the payment, and then DHL decided that the phone should spend a day in some city in the US followed by another day in Hong Kong. Yes, I reloaded that DHL tracking page more times then I care to admit. 🙂

      • Sorry about the extra day in Hong Kong for your N1 Loke – but at least you have it!! I'm super happy for you… :>

  • Chris

    In the same boat. I can afford it but I haven't even a year ago shelled out 400 for a G1. I must resist and hold out for at least another year. I think by then I can justify it to my conscience that I NEED that, or one better by then, phone. Until then I still have an awesome phone that pwns most other phones.

    • I love my G1, but its got about a month or so left with me. Then I'm going to T-Mo, becoming a "new" customer with a new phone number and a new phone! Won't lie though, I really don't want to sell my G1. Maybe I'll keep it and hand it down to my kids.. hmmmm 🙂

  • Corey – I am in the same boat. I went to three separate T-Mo stores and got the SAME answer. Sign up for a NEW contract – which would mean a NEW phone # – and you get the new customer price. 100% certain. If you use Google Voice – the number on the phone doesn't matter anyway! Go Corey.. GO, get your Nexus One!!! 🙂

  • jeremy bum

    Although I love Android and would like to have the N1, I have to wait also. My wife is a Tmob employee and the N1 not going directly through Tmob makes me not get my yearly discount. So I will wait until the next best Android comes out. I could never justify buying a phone for over 500 dollars. No direct subsidie= no N1 for me:-(

    • I would never spend the $500+ either, but it IS the best option is you want to save money. What a bummer about not being able to take advantage of the wifes discount. Maybe I can get one of my kids a job at Google,… never considered that as an option! 🙂 Thanks Jeremy!

    • Loke

      You don't think that the subsidised phones are free, do you? You're paying even more, just amortised over a few years.

  • Hahahaha – no kids you KNOW of? 🙂 As long as we are both happy – thats what counts. Im happy without my N1 – really.. I am… sigh.. NO, I am.. really… arent I? 🙂

  • That settles it – when i get my N1, Im keeping my G1!

  • travis

    Haha, I kept refreshing too. So there's at least three of us? Thank God, I thought I might have an unhealthly nexus addiction.

    • Another card carrying geek. We need to actually start handing out cards. We can show them to the ladies…. would SO impress em! 🙂

      • SparkLingCYaNide

        Yeap, that makes 3 of us!!! My Geekiness can be felt everyWhere I go for all to see, and they do lol

        I know more about everyone's phone at work then any of them do themselves. ; D

        • travis

          Wow. I've finally established geek status? I knew all that hard work would pay off eventually.

          • Welcome abroad Travis! Your card will arrive shortly. Send your membership payment to me 🙂 haha

        • Three and growing!! We will rule the world!!! 🙂

    • Loke

      I probably would have if it wasn't for the fact that the announcement was in the middle of the night for me. I ordered it as soon as I woke up though. 🙂

  • John TheGeek

    Wow, I guess I'm not the only one! What a relief! But I am able to control my geek (somewhat). I'm waiting until June to buy one. I'm hoping Verizon will be carrying it by then. It's hard to wait though…….

    • Hey John, there are LOTS of us closest geeks,… hahaha. Verizon will have it by then. Way to control the geek – mine and my conscience pretty much hate each other! hahaha. Thanks for the comment.

  • Cute story. Even though I'm OK financially nor I have extra mouths to feed, I can identify with it.
    You may want consider to postpone the gratification of owning a Nexus One. Even though G1 pales in comparison to N1, it's not that bad. I mean, the feeling of novelty will wear off after only month or two of extreme fun. 😉


    • Jose Salviati

      Haha, "cute" story… ok, ill accept it as cute 🙂 Thanks Shonzilla. I'm holding on to my trusty G1 for a while longer.. holding off on the "extreme fun" 😛 haha.

  • Ed Greenberg

    Interesting. Were you a T-Mobile user to start with? Did you switch? Did you do research on T-Mobile first?

    Also, what is it about a Nexus that distinguishes it from a Droid (if one preferred Verizon) or any other recent Android device?

    HTC phones have not been the biggest sellers over the years, so why does the Google name somehow enhance this one?

    • Jose Salviati

      Yes, Im with Tmo. No, not switching, Yes, lots of research on Tmo!

      As far as what distinguishes the N1 from the Droid, go here. and just google Nexus One. LOTS of research in your future Ed! 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  • Smitch

    Do you use the cayanogen ROM? I use it and feel that a lot of the good parts (browser) have been pulled from eclair, plus the speed-ups, battery improvement, and apps2sd REALLY make the phone great again, breathes new life into the G1.

    I highly, highly recommend the ROM for the G1. it's amazingly easy with the Cyanogen Wiki directions and may curb your Nexus envy.

    • Nexus-envy! hahaha.. You just coined a phrase I think I will use again and again! 🙂 I've really been going back and forth on Cyanogen… I'm chicken. Thanks for the comment though Smitch!

  • several

    You're telling my story man. I'm waiting for my W2's so I can file my taxes, get my refund and order my N1!

    • OMG…. several… SO not fair. I didn't even THINK of my refund. Maybe I CAN get it early after all! 🙂 Hahaha, thans a LOT! 🙂

  • I sooo feel your pain! I was yawning in the management workshop and I couldn't believe my eyes – guy next to me was checking something on N1. No he wasn't into Android and yes, I got to play with The Phone. But I qualify for jack at T-M and my MyTouch is not even 6 months old. Constant struggle. BTW – no way you will sell your G1 for $100. I'm lucky if I sell my MT for that much

    • Ya, I know. T-Mo is selling em for $100 now. I'm hoping to find a sucker.. errr, I mean someone to love my phone as much as I do! 🙂 Haha. Thanks for the comment droidin.

      • I love my Nexus and it was worth the $575 including tax! I returned the Nüvi sat-nav I don't need because of Google Maps and I'm selling my Google G1 which was a great phone.

        If you look on the closed auctions on eBay a good G1 goes for a lot more than $100.

        • Jose Salviati

          Hmmmmmm thanks Geoff! I really do hate to part with my G1 – I have never enjoyed a phone more, but if I can get close to the $170 i need for the N1 – why not?!?! Appreciate the link and the comment!!

  • Frank

    The great Google's very first baby step out of the Internet and into the real world. This is why need it, I need it now. It's like reaching into my computer screen and pulling out something shiny that I can hold and admire.

    • Hahaha, Frank – that was creepy. But worse yet, I completely agree! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  • Lmao what a great article man, loved the story! I have a Droid, i wouldnt trade it for the G1 as keyboards are my thing. I do all my work and socializing on my phone so no keyboard is no option for me. Maybe the N2? (just dreaming)

    • Jose Salviati

      Thanks apascua6!! Appreciate the kind words. My only real hesitation on getting the N1 is the lack of physical keyboard. I'm like you – keyboard is my thing. I didn't get a shot at the online one on the N1 when I held it recently… everything I read and hear though is positive. I didn't like the G1 keyboard when I got it – but now I rely on it! So, I will likely be able to adapt to the N1 online one. We will see!!

      • Well best of luck on that one! Just don't I just hope you're 100% certain before you get it haha don't get carried away by the awesomeness of the N1 maybe if you wait a while longer something amazingER will come

        • Jose Salviati

          Something AmazingER always comes up…. but I still want it NOW 🙂 Then, when something better comes on – I will want THAT. I'm pathetic… I know 🙂 Hahahah

          • haha my girlfriend says: "He's just like you baby!" let's not call each other pathetic!

  • Ellen

    "I couldn't believe he actually had one. This guy wasn't an Android fanatic. He wasn't a contributing writer for the best Android portal in all of cyber space. He didn't deserve that phone, I did!"

    I've actually had these same thoughts. Funny. I smoked the G1 crack pipe – putting in a preorder for what has turned out to be a supreme disappointment in many ways. Fourteen months later, I still don't have a Flash player or a PDF reader, and I greatly resent Google and T-Mobile for offering Flash player as a basic feature of the Nexus when the early Kool-Aid G1 drinkers like me are still waiting our turn in line for a decent phone. For about a minute, I was swooning when I heard a reporter on the floor at CES describing the Nexus, and then I remembered how Google and T-Mobile ultimately failed to deliver on the promises and full potential of the G1. I'll wait and let some other sucker take the first punch before I even think about buying a Nexus.

    • Jose Salviati

      Ha, nicely worded comment Ellen. You know there is an AndroidGals sight coming online soon (i think)… you should seriously considering writing! I'm not kidding. Thanks for the comment.

      *Thought to self… "I sure hope Ellen isn't a guys name in some European country.. ugh"

  • You might need a different job if you can't spare 180. I'm 19 and an android fanatic. I've bought the g1 the hero and the nexus one on release day. And the droid the day after it came out. I do work my butt off to be able to afford the things I buy though. And to me it's worth it.

    • some people have responsibilities that they cant afford it, if you're directing to the original poster he does mention christmas, a wife and kids, etc.

      a 19yr old saying "You might need a different job if you can't spare 180." is IMO a little insulting, you probably don't have kids, probably not married, you're probably still living at home not paying rent, buying food, paying various other bills, mortgage etc etc.

      • Jose Salviati

        high-fiving Psylink! Thanks bro…. I was a little insulted… a lil hurt.. AND a lil jealous of keatonrechard! Hahaha. But, its cool – he will learn.

    • david

      Congrats bro…if I was 19 with a job I would also own every android phone out there, but alot of us are not single and have BIGGER priorities like kids, lol. I agree with you all the good geeky tech is worth it specially android tech. I'm just glad I'm not the only soul out here without a Nexus One, I'm in the process of saving up 5 bills to buy it up front cus damn i was just about ready to rent out my 3yr old son to buy one when it came out. but my conscience won too…lol enjoy all your android tech, and just know that i sorta hate you right in a good way lol

      • Jose Salviati

        hahahah, "i hate you.. in a good way" Classic! Wow, I was just considering borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, renting out the kids… NEVER occured to me. Is that possible? Whats the going rate for an 11 year old? 🙂 Thanks for the comment David.

    • Jose Salviati

      Thanks to Psylink and david for having my back on this. Keatonreckard…. get back to me when (if) you have a mortgage, three car payments, four kids, one wife, two dogs, one bearded dragon and a guinea pig :), I make good money and love my job but the kids gotta to eat bro! 🙂 I appreciate the comment though.

      One word of wisdom young Android fanatic…. saveeeee. It's not how much you make, but how much you SAVE! Learn that young and you will live long and prosper! 🙂 Now, try to snatch the pebble from my hand 🙂

      (I know, he is 19 and will never get the Kung-Fu reference, but still 🙂 )

  • How does one sell a used G1 for $100 when anyone can get one new for $49?

    • Jose Salviati

      $49, really? Have they dropped that low? Where? That's just sad.

  • Hey dude.. GET THE PHONE.. if you have the money…

    I use the Nexus one I love it! Super fast and beautiful phone! I did some what similar as you. I called tmobile and luckly after complain about the my G1 they agreed to send me exchange. I posted in Craiglist for 150 and got a buyer for $125.00

    (For all you idiots people pays little more for phone to get it without contract!!! Brand new G1 still 399.00 from T-mobile.)

    Plus had an iPod touch sold that as well. Paid 529.99 for my Nexus One with engraving sent free over night and arrived the very next day.

    You can also check this Review of the Phone. I watch G4tv one of my favorite show is Attack Of the Show. They do all kind of review and was waiting for the Nexus one review i am posting a link to the video check it out!

    • Jose Salviati

      UGH, the pressure is mounting!! Right now I am planning to buy one for my wife and I as anniversary presents in Feb. Don't say anything though ok? Shhhhhhhhhhh its a secret! 🙂 Thanks for the comment John.

  • Cant wait for it be launched in India..

    Hardik Jakharia