Unofficial Count Has Android Market Hovering Near 25,000 Apps

It has been barely a month  since we talked about the number of apps unofficially hitting the 20,000 mark and we’re ready for another milestone.  At some point in the next few days, the tally should put the Android Market at 25,000 apps.

Keep in mind that these numbers from Androlib don’t match exactly the totals in the market but as there are no other proven way of getting these figures from the official Market pages they can still be considered an indication of the growth.

So the predictions we’ve made in December about hitting 30,000 in the next 2-3 months might have been underestimated!

It is also interesting to note that, the number of paid apps is getting (slowly) higher. Last September it was 35.7%, in December 37.7% and today 39.2%.

In term of satisfaction, 62.14% of users are happy with their apps with 42.8% of them at 5 stars rating (English Market). Considering there sheer volume (so far), it sounds like a lot of crappy applications polluting the Market.

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  1. Dale
    January 23, 19:07 Reply

    does that include farts and flashlight apps? And let's not forget all those girlie pic apps! It the quality, not the quantity, that will enable Android to get to the next level.

  2. kcx
    January 24, 11:15 Reply

    … and 1000’s of themes. Even the quality apps are hard to find because the market app is so bad.
    Search should be able to filter out the stuff that isn’t really an app and sort by rating and price.
    And come on people, stopping rating everything 4 or 5 stars. Do you know what average means? If I have to read another review that says, “worst app ever, 4 stars” I’ll seriously consider switching to an iphone.

    • Ratnok
      February 02, 15:43 Reply

      I agree that you should be able to sort by price and rating in each category. We also need to be able to sort by date- like “by month, by QTR, by year.” That way we can find the best apps that are listed by time. A great weather app in Oct. 2008 may have more downloads, but that doesn’t make it the best. IMEEM is still rated 4 stars and that app is dead as a doornail!!!

  3. Karl
    January 25, 04:59 Reply

    Top honors also takes AnyStop obliterating the Travel section. Annoying.

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