Motoroi All But Officially Headed for T-Mobile USA in March

I love it when people put their free time to good use.  Someone over at CellPhoneSignal has put together what seems like perhaps the final piece of the puzzle which indicates the Motorola Motoroi is coming to T-Mobile USA soon.

Looking over some FCC filings, it was found that a Motorola device ID’d as IHDP56KC6 was certified for quadband EDGE plus the T-Mobile 3G bands of 1700/2100MHz.  For the most part, Motorola was able to hide/cover up any details that specifically outed the handset.  Unfortunately, there was one place they forgot to address.  Look at the top of the picture below and you’ll notice a reference to “SHOLES”.

As Engadget points out, all of the previous FCC filings for the Droid/Milestone handset had specs for both ‘slider up’ and ‘slider down’ positions.  This time around, there’s only one set.  Sounds like a tablet-like phone to me.  Think back a few months ago when an internal Motorola screen leaked a SHOLES Tablet for T-Mobile and you’ll see the stars lining up.

Tmo-News has been running articles lately that has a March 10th launch for an upcoming Motorola handset.  While their most recent post pegged it as the being Zeppelin, it turns out their source may still be mostly right. Taking all of these things into consideration, I believe we’ll be seeing this phone in the next few months.

The Motoroi features an 8 megapixel camera, a 3.7-inch high-definition WVGA screen, 720p video recording and  HDMI output.  There’s also Terrestrial DMB which allows for watching 24 channels of television in South Korea.  We’re likely to see that part get lost on the trip the US.  The phone also runs stock Android 2.0 as of right now.  It’s not known whether or not the plan is to integrate MOTOBLUR “should” a phone like this hit the states.

If poking around FCC documents is your type of thing, you can read the full report here.

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  1. @samfarias
    January 25, 01:46 Reply

    Yeah, after the N1, my next phone needs nothing less than a 1Ghz processor. I guess I'll have to wait for the Sony Xperia X10.

  2. Tony
    January 25, 19:21 Reply

    Yes! Yes! Yes! First the Nexus One and now the Motorola Motorei! I'm glad I stuck with T-Mobile. Their low prices and great phones are kicking some butt!

  3. Mutia
    June 19, 11:25 Reply

    Niceeee.. T-Mobile rocks, low price, high quality.. By the way, what processor do they use?

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