As Verizon Has the ‘Droid’ Series, T-Mobile Will Have the ‘myTouch’ Series

On the most recent AndroidGuys podcast, I asked the other members of the panel if they thought T-Mobile was planning to turn the myTouch into a line of phones like they did for the Sidekick?  Everyone was in agreement that with the new Fender model, the forthcoming 1.2 edition, and rumored slide model, they were already on their way to doing so. 

Rather than slapping a successive number on the end of each version that comes along, I expect them to pull a similar move to what they did with recent Sidekicks.  It would pretty easy to append unique names to any Android-based HTC phone and still consider it a “myTouch” line. Think Sidekick LX, Sidekick 2008, Sidekick iD and you’ll see what I mean.  Verizon has already made it obvious they plan to envelope all of their Android phones under the DROID moniker, regardless of handset maker.  I don’t see T-Mobile going that route but I do see them taking a similar approach by always having a handful of designs and form factors to appeal to different users.

A BoyGeniusReport source has put what I consider to be icing on the cake.  According to them, T-Mobile will be phasing out the Sidekick. For good?  It’s not known.  But with Microsoft and Danger now bedfellows, that could become an entirely different animal anyhow.  Regardless of what Sidekick becomes, T-Mobile needs something to differentiate themselves.

I can hear people saying, “Is that the new myTouch?” as opposed to, “Is that the new Android phone from T-Mobile?“  Most of ‘the kids’ know what a Sidekick is and T-Mobile slowly took a one-design-per-year handset and turned it into a series of phones, each with a different form factor.  Some were customizable, others had a distinct flavor of their own.  It just makes sense to do the same thing with Android phones.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see T-Mobile drop the ‘3G’ part of the myTouch name and start replacing it with different models.

  • mikeeeee

    just when my g-1 obligation runs out, the stars line up in my favor.

    looks like the upcoming mytouch slide with truphone will do the job for me nicely.

  • Xidroid

    Why do I feel like I've lost my "Man Card" with my "Geek Card" every time I tell someone I have a "MyTouch" phone? The Droid and the Nexus One at least sound cool. I've reverted to telling people I have an "HTC Android" phone now. They should dress the MyTouch in pink and market it to teenage girls which is exactly what it sounds like.

  • Competition in the mobile market is good for the users as they would have more choice in their hand as is the case with Verizon with droid series and tmobile with mytouch series. Nice switching.

  • It would be a good news for the users of these two brands. It is hoped that this would bring in true competition of quality, better features and advance trends making the life more comfortable and smooth. It is a useful information.