This is Not Android 3.0 Running on HTC Supersonic

What you see above is being passed around as “Android 3.0 running on the upcoming HTC Supersonic”.  The image show a 3-D home screen with the app launcher featured in Android 2.1 with a tab.  While it would be great to see something like this as being the next step in Android, we must point out that everything you see is complete render.  Oh, and it’s nearly a year and a half old.

Shortly after the G1 was released, one of our readers decided he would take to creating a better G1 design, or perhaps what the G1 should look like.  He sent along a few different mockups, each with various improvements.  This looks to be a new variation on some old Photoshop work.

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  1. Gaurav
    January 25, 19:29 Reply

    Thanks guys for that update.

  2. TareX
    February 07, 03:42 Reply

    WOW ppl are using my design to spread some Android 3.0 rumor? :) :) Thank you… thank you very much…

  3. Clarence Cheng
    October 08, 05:52 Reply

    This is a nice and interesting post. Android had really contributed much and many people really make use of it.

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