App Review: Newton Lite

Newton is the sniper to Asteroids spray and pray. According to the developer, a lone coder named Mario from Graz, Austria, Newton is a physics puzzler heavily inspired by the great flash game Gravity Pods and some old DOS and Amiga classics with similar game play mechanics.

The point of the game is simple: you have a gun and you have to shoot the target. There are currently 21 levels which use pushers, pullers, and obstacles to show off a great physics engine. Though there are not very many levels yet, the last few are pretty tricky and may take a nice chunk of time to complete.

The graphics in the game are basic but look great, and run smoothly. The game play is very intriguing to me. I can’t wait to see where the developer takes it. I’ve had a chance to test the level editor, it is almost ready to go live. I can’t wait to see whats up next for this game.

As I was sitting down to write this review, I noticed an update to Newton Lite already up on the market. Turns out 3-D graphics were added. They have since been made optional. It is great to see the developer for this game churning out the updates quick. If he continues to add content to the game, it may quickly become one of my favorite go-to games for killing a few moments here and there.

I’ve spoken with the developer about his plans for Newton. The level editor is almost completed. Next up is online high score tracking. Check out This Community Page it is a thread by the developer with the dialog between him and the testers providing feedback. Feel free to post thoughts or ideas if you have them. He was also quick to respond via email if you’ve got questions or ideas. He has also written a tutorial on Android game programing. It’s written in German, but he is working on translation to English; it should be done soon.

This App Was Tested Using: T-Mobile myTouch 3G
Presentation: Very basic, but it looks nice.
Value: Free, but limited content at this time.
Stability/Resources: Everything is pretty smooth. I noticed minor lag on the bullet trail a few times. But overall it runs great.
Bottom Line: Interesting game, lots of potential if the dev keeps up with it.

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  1. @3dmg
    January 25, 19:45 Reply

    Mario is from Graz, Austria not Australia 😉

    Greetings from Vienna

  2. theRage
    January 25, 19:47 Reply

    thanks for the review. i'll definitly try this game.

    but there is no city of graz in australia but we have a city called graz here in AUSTRIA 😉

  3. badlogic
    January 25, 22:13 Reply

    awesome!, thanks for the review.

    Mario (Graz, Austria :))

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