Motorola MOTOSPLIT Render – New Take on Old Design?

Here’s an impractical looking design if we ever saw one.  The folks at Engadget were recently handed a screenshot of an alleged Motorola handset called the MOTOSPLIT.  And while it’s pretty obvious that the picture is a render, it leaves us wondering if the phone is there is such a handset coming from the manufacturer.  According to their source, this one is rumored for a fall release on AT&T‘s network.

Looking all sorts of impractical, the MOTOSPLIT feels like one of those phones you’d see in a movie or TV show where the hitman or secret operative pulls out to message back to base. We get that there are only so many ways to make phones with touch only and QWERTY based phones fast becoming the norm, but do we need this type of departure?  Of course, we’re judging this based off of one picture, but it feels a tad gimmicky.

Those of you who have been around cell phones for more than a couple of years might recall seeing a similar design from Nokia in their 6800 series.  If you don’t remember ever seeing one of these in the real world it’s because they didn’t do very well.

Given what you know/see, what say you about the MOTOSPLIT?  Love it?  Hate it?

  • I dont' really like this

  • Mark Murphy

    I had a Nokia 6800 for a while — had to give it up because it was only tri-band. I found the keyboard to be surprisingly usable. You can get bigger keys than you can on a side-slider.

  • What the ****!!! That's gotta be the ugliest phone that I've ever seen. I almost collapsed when I was the render. The Nokia 6800 made me laugh for half an hour!

    QWERTY phones are the way to go, BUT, not the way of the Nokia 6800. Sliders are much better, even if it's harder to type since every keys are closer and smaller.

  • Wow…seriously? Who in their right mind wants to pull out a phone that turns into a yard stick? I would mock anyone I saw using this ugly thing.

  • exE70nowMotoDroid

    I had an E70 (updated and S60 version of 6800) for years. The keyboard on that phone was FAR more usable that my current moto DROID phone. Sadly the software didn't keep up with the times.

  • drewstiff

    Talk of the Nokia E70 reminded me of this:

  • fastnissan

    I still have my 6820 sitting in a drawer, one of the best QWERTY experiences on a phone, but it only had a small screen between the keyboard halves, this has a massive screen spreading them way apart. Interesting either way.