What the #####! Nexus One Censoring Swear Words

If you’re thinking of using your new Nexus One to curse out your ex with the speech-to-text function, you might want to think again.  Reuters has discovered that the voice recognition feature converts curse words into a string of # symbols when rendered into text.  Why? A spokesperson from Google says the feature is not at all about censoring users speech, but about making sure swear words don’t accidentally appear in an e-mail to grandma. The spokesperson said, “We filter potentially offensive or inappropriate results because we want to avoid situations whereby we might misrecognize a spoken query and return profanity when, in fact, the user said something completely innocent.”

  • bureau13

    Funny you should mention this…recently tweeted by @neilhimself:

    I discovered this accidentally, like penicillin:If you follow them by saying "dot com" the Nexus1 is happy to transcribe your spoken swears.

  • I don't think thats a bad thing… Why would you swear by e-mail or sms while you can call 😉

  • It's kind of a refreshing thing to see. Even if there is another reason behind it. It's refreshing to see a company like that cleaning up the language. I hate swearing, I'm guilty of it but I hate it. People swear when they have no better word to use so basically lets think before we speak and maybe a swear won't get added. I love the fact that I work around kids where I find myself censuring myself wish the rest of the world would censure them selves as well.

  • Joshua

    Shoddy reporting. Investigate things first. This isn't strictly related to the N1 as Engadget reported as well with their shoddy reporting. It's related to any Android device using Google's speak to text services. For instance, I get it on my G1 when I use Handcent's speech to text to reply to text messages.

  • blackwinged

    Neil Gaiman, our geeky favorite author, fond out this one:
    Curse and swear into your Nexus One, then say "dot com" – and the result will be uncensored.
    Thank you, Neil!

  • blackwinged

    sorry bureau13 – seems like i was too late 😉

  • Why do people keep associating this with Nexus One? The voice services are provided over the Internet by Google to all Android phones with voice recognition capability. That means this "feature" applies to Motorola DROID's built-in voice-to-text as well as the many Android add-ons that voice-enable all other text fields (like was added in Android 2.1 for Nexus One).

    This is "AndroidGuys.com" — focus on ANDROID news; don't N1-ize everything because it's trendy.

  • no n1 yet, ordering next week, but for the "dot com", I'm curious, does it actually put ".com" following the word in say a txt msg. if thats the case, what about just following with "dot" instead of "dot com" does it still work? because i can forsee people being confused why you're saying <insertword>.com
    but <insertword>. wouldn't be as confusing

  • isacc

    Fuck that shit