Nexus One Dock Details Emerge

We just received an email from one of our readers who had a chance to play with the forthcoming Nexus One docks.  Based on his description, we’re in for a pretty nifty little device.  We’d previously heard whispers about Bluetooth integration and our guy was able to detail how it works.

…it’s a small dock where the phone sits in it vertically. My friend has a soft case around his Nexus one and it sat in the dock just fine even with the case on. The dock itself has an audio mini-jack allowing speakers to be connected to it, but unlike any of the iPhone docks that only play when you have the phone in the dock, the Nexus One Dock uses Bluetooth to transmit music. You can play music through the speakers or within Bluetooth range. The range was surprisingly good, able to play music with the phone 20+ feet with a wall or two between.  He had computer speakers attached, so I’m assuming the audio port is a standard mini-jack.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get a chance to look at the back of the dock to verify whether or not there was AV-output.  According to a recently spotted Google Ad, the dock will “charge phone, play photos, slideshows, and more.”  Engadget is guessing we’ll see the dock announced and/or released within a matter of days.  We can roll with that.  Will you pick up a dock at $45 for your Nexus One?

Thanks to John from San Jose!

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  • Casper

    Of course I will buy the Nexus One dock. What could be sweeter than a beautiful OLED nightclock charging for the day ahead, next to you while you sleep.

    • kcx

      Better check the brightness control before getting too excited. Hopefully OLED makes it better, but the Droid nightclock is bright enough to read by.

  • Hear hear!

  • Sounds cool. I am still hoping that they come out with a car dock. I love the Droid car dock and having one for the Nexus One would be perfect.

    • Ian

      Check the official Nexus One support page under the "Car Home" section. It states right there that Car Home will automatically launch when the Nexus is placed in the Car Dock (Coming Soon)

  • Tony

    Great! I've been waiting for the desktop dock. Now please please release the car dock so I can use my Nexus One for Navigation!

  • I agree with Tony – Need a phone dock too – I may buy 2 desk docks

  • Casper

    Well that's just the thing… I am already using my N1 at the night table. The OLED means absolutely no "leakage" of light unlike what we are known to with LCD. So trust me, that is not a problem.

  • Brad Ford

    Yes the screen is the perfect brightness. But the 4 buttons on the bottom still seem a bit bright.

    Also it needs to have the option to supresses message notification noise and lights when in the low brightness dock mode.

  • Casper

    True. Although that must be possible to fix/change by next update, considering all the N1 accessories coming out.

    • Thats true… and wow androidguys arent you a little late on this story, like 10 whole days late…. it has been here for a while but instead of a random guy, this one comes from th Bluetooth commission

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  • yup the desktop dock really rock!

  • android a good one,,what is the car dock mean?? thx..

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