T-Mobile Announces doubleTwist for Entire Android Lineup


As we previously mentioned, T-Mobile‘s new myTouch 3G Fender Edition comes with a custom installer for doubleTwist multimedia sync.  It gives the users ability to transfer media and music to and from their computer and handset.  Tucked away in last week’s press release was a little blurb about doubleTwist coming to all Android phones.  Today is that day.

Available immediately, T-Mobile users with Android handsets can download an installer to their computer to they can sync music, photos, and videos in one universal format that works on all devices.  Yes, it even imports your iTunes collection.

The software, available for Windows(R) and Mac platforms, automatically finds music, photos and videos stored on a user’s computer and enables seamless syncing of their media to their mobile devices. doubleTwist includes step-by-step instructions for connecting and transferring DRM-free content to each supported device, making the process simple and accessible.

In case you might be wondering, yes you can download doubleTwist for any Android phone.  Pick it up for free from them directly!

Source: Press Release

  • John

    Bummer is that doubleTwist can not find music on a network (external hard drive). Tried it yesterday and is useless for me as I have a netbook that uses a "server" style access shared iTunes setup. Oh well, back to drag and drop.

  • i like to just drag & drop, or select and move files over. sync files never works for me, i don't want the same files on my computer to my phone or vice versa. i won't be using this feature. i find my way much simpler

  • "The software, available for Windows(R) and Mac platforms…"

    So it's not for all T-Mobile Android users, as reported.

  • DMAGIC448

    DoubleTwist still wont snyc my digital copies of my movies to my Nexus One

  • Boring. I can sync stuff with windows media and with MediaMonkey. Now make my music available to me, through the cloud, to my phone from my home and we can talk. I thought that's what this was supposed to be.

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  • Its not cool. I like more easier things like drag and drop and easy edit things. This option is not really like that.

  • go android..

  • so easy

  • Very nice.