65% of Android Publishers are Located in United States

We’ve seen figures from inside the Android Market.  We’ve seen numbers that show Android’s growth.  Today, we get to see some numbers that give insight into the people behind the apps.  Distimo‘s latest monthly report is out and it sheds some light on Android developers and their apps.

Found within the report are the following statistics:

  • 65% of Android developers are from the United States, with another 12% in the UK, 20% from Europe (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain) and 3% in Japan.
  • European developers set the price their paid apps at an an average of $4.42 whereas those in the US are around $2.96 each.
  • The average price of all paid apps in the Android Market is around $3.50, which lower than the average Windows Mobile app ($6.99) and less than half the $8.26 BlackBerry ticket.

The highest ranked paid apps in the Android Market for December are twidroid PRO, Advanced Task Manager, and MyBackup Pro.  The highest ranked free titles were T-Mobile My Account, Pandora Radio, and The Weather Channel.