Archos Makes Good on Promise


For these of you who didn’t know it – our friends from Archos, makers of the first Android tablet held a contest in November of 2009 that entitled participants to a deep discount offer for the purchase of  Archos 5 internet tablet. I enrolled with my “Hire*A*Droid” job search app and was patiently awaiting results for 2 nail biting months. Well, the wait is over!

I’m happy to inform that this morning I found email with the voucher in my inbox…

I headed over to the Archos’ store and indeed was able to apply this voucher to  purchase 8GB Archos tablet that at the end cost me whooping $1.99. I did try to buy roomier variety but the voucher only worked for 8GB version. Oh, well – I’ll take it, thank you Archos!

I’m also curious if anyone else got the voucher and for what app? Let me know and I promise to update you on the shipping progress.


  1. Thanks Michael! And your math is impeccable 🙂 The voucher actually is somewhat open-ended on "how much" part. The email states "…voucher code that entitles you to a very important reduction (228€, £198, or according to your store) to purchase an ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet"
    I ended up buying mini-docking station for $29.99 and had to pay shipping charge of $3. Still – the deal is sweet

  2. So they still send some vouchers, I didn't get any and I tried to contact Archos several times but never had a response… And my app is still on appslib…

  3. I got my voucher today as well, I went with the 8 gig model myself I couldn't justify spending an extra 50 bucks for another 8 gigs, I don't plan on putting videos on it anyways just gonna surf the web with it. But I did pony up the extra cash for 2day delivery.

  4. I think it's not so much UPS problem but rather when will they ship, they have somewhat disturbing disclaimer that "most our stocks are dedicated to retailers and distributors" so I'm wondering when it actually happen