Expansys Offering Nexus One for Under a Dollar?

A reader of our just tipped us to another place to go for the new hotness that is the Nexus One.  We’ve learned that online retailer Expansys plans on carrying the latest Android phone.  Further, the Portuguese Expansys site has the Nexus One listed with a price of €0,49 (69¢ US).  How they could ever justify that price is beyond us so for now, we’re not holding our breath.  Chances are we’ll get one of those “Oops, sorry!” messages sent out via a tweet or something.  Still, it will be interesting to see how much help Expansys would provide in terms of sales.

  • Kevin

    Tried to order one. It doesn't appear they offer shipping to the US 🙂

    Trying to get us back since Google won't ship them to Portugal.

  • Mikko

    It seems that this is a pre-order, I bet the price will be something else when the device starts to ship. Their Korean site actually has EU Nexus One for exactly 0 won.

  • in Sweden (expansys.se) its 0,49 SEK = 0,06734756 U.S. dollars 😛

  • It is also on pre-order on expansys UK. The interesting bit is the product code:

    There it is only pre-order, no price:

    • Does UK on the end of the part number hint that it might have multi-touch enabled?

  • The price has gone from the Portugese site, that one is "Preço não anunciado" now.