HTC to Update Hero (EU) to 2.1 Update in March

We previously reported that the European HTC Hero could see an update from Android 1.5 to Android 2.1 at some point in February.  At the time, we were told secondhand that HTC Poland was pushing out the update.  We’ve learned today that Irish wireless provider, Meteor, has been in contact with HTC and is advising a March rollout.

Just got another update on this and HTC have said they are releasing 2.1 on the Hero and we are hoping to have this availible (sic) by the end of March…This will be available via the HTC website and we are also looking at other ways to make this update easier to access for our customers. – Meteor Forum

We’re still waiting to hear when Sprint plans to update their Hero or what Verizon is doing with the Droid Eris.  Last we heard, an update to 2.0 was slated for this quarter.

Source: HTC Source

  • BigC_13

    Any word on Telus updating it here in Canada?

  • hassan

    Woot, let me Fast Forward Ferbruari!!

  • First before Christmas, then January, then Frebruary and now March. I'm losing faith on this update

  • Grenovic

    I'd also like to know where Telus stands in this mess. Although, by the time we do get the 2.1 update I'm expecting there will be news of 2.7 (or something) coming out shortly after.

  • kukussi

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    A buddy of mine who works at Telus confirmed that the 2.1 update will be available from Telus late March. Since Telus usually gets updates later than everyone else, I guess this reinforces the mid-March expectations that we've already had.

    Just hang in there, everyone. (:

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  • Actually the update that they had shared is quite interesting and reliable. On the other hand, people will be able to change their minds if they read this.