A Better Look at the HTC Supersonic & Bravo [UPDATED]

We’ve got a couple of new pictures to pass along to you guys.  Two of the hottest rumored Android handsets, the Bravo and Supersonic, have been captured in better lighting.  As we near next month’s Mobile World Congress, the hope is that we’ll see more of these coming out.   We’re crossing our fingers that official announcements for both of these are right around the corner.

First up is the HTC Bravo

And here’s the HTC Supersonic

Thanks to Jacob and Edwin for the tips!

To take things one step further, a render of the Supersonic has been worked up and found over at androphones.

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  • Androidawg

    Looks like HTC has finally decided on a form factor for their Android phones. I call it the N1 form factor. Very sleek. Glad they picked this one because many of their earlier efforts were just not that inspiring.

  • Kenji138

    While I do love this form factor, I can't live without a physical keyboard. Is there any possibility that HTC may integrate a keyboard with a Snapdragon processor soon? An HTC Bravo with a keyboard would be my dream phone!

    • Ernest

      I love keyboard not only for the keyboard themselves but also because they usually tend to thicken up a phone. I have large sausage fingered hands and the thin phones of today tend to give me finger cramps when using them. I want a Nexus 1 very much but without a keyboard the value just isn't there for me.

      Perhaps a phone should be developed that has a universal port of some kind on it to allow for attachments. if done right then one phone could work for people that want keyboards and those that do not, at the same time.

      • GraveGhoul

        Wow! You should put a patent on that idea!

      • Sandor Eiharosh

        You could always use a bluetooth keyboard!!!!!!

  • apez

    Go on a diet

  • K.Y

    Supersonic is really reminding me HD2, big screen, no joystick, but 4 buttons, not that curve-wised.

    • Allegedly, the Supersonic is the HD2, but with Android.

  • Jay

    hmmm might switch from my Pre to this… looks like a winner.