Nexus One, Other Android Phones to T-Mobile UK?


Robin O’Kelly, head of corporate affairs for T-Mobile U.K., just let the Twitterverse know a few bits of Android news: T-Mobile U.K. is in talks with Google to carry the Nexus One, and that T-Mobile U.K. will also be carrying LG’s first Android phone, the InTouch Max GW620, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Portal (also known as the Galaxy Spica).

Sounds like some nice options coming for those of you on the British Isles!

Source: TheRealRiley


  1. What I find irritating is that T-mobile are getting rid of 12 month contracts much like O2 did about 2 years ago, and only doing 18 and 24 month contracts from March. T-mobile may have the range, but are they really doing what customers want? As T-mobile and Orange are merging, do we expect to see the same with Orange soon?