Parallel Kingdom, A Newb In A L337’s World


I went into this review with the best intentions. I really did! Played it for about 20 minutes before wondering, “What’s the object of the game again?” I then realized that this wasn’t any old silly game you play for fun trying to kill time. No, I have walked into the realm of MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, say the acronym quickly enough and all of a sudden you know Cantonese!). I haven’t played an MMORPG since the days of RuneScape and remembering that I devoted my life to that game, I decided to do the same with this. I kept a journal of each day and what I did for the sake of my review. The following is the first 6 days:

Parallel Kingdom Log

Day 1 –

  • PK(Parallel Kingdom) has so graciously given me a dog and allowed me to name him, without a doubt in my mind: Chev Chelios.
  • I completed the tutorial; it consisted of cutting down trees and killing deer.

Day 2 –

  • I took my dog for a walk and noticed everyone in the game has the same black emo haircut as my character.
  • Whooops! I killed my dog… what’s that you say? He’s not actually dead, he’s just resting until Friday at 1:49AM?

Day 3 –

  • I can’t buy feathers because I attacked Trolls today… What do you mean? The Trolls aren’t evil??? Allow me to retort, Wikipedia states, “A troll is a member of a race of fearsome creatures from Norse mythology.”
  • I’m currently wearing approximately 15 backpacks. It doesn’t seem physically possible, but that’s OK! The guide tells me, “The more the merrier!”

Day 4 –

  • It costs 200$ every time I die, who the heck is profiting from my death? That’s not right at all…
  • I referred my wife to play… my wife started playing.

Day 5 –

  • I burnt my wife’s house down (Her virtual game house… I knew what you were thinking).
  • My wife found out I burnt her house down, I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.

Day 6 –

  • My wife set fire to my house today… and my cave… and my oil well…

So after a rocky start I can now say I am really far into the game. I’ve been playing for 3 weeks and I still don’t know exactly what I’m doing but one thing is for sure, the wife isn’t going to mess with my stuff again. I’ve got a ridiculously and unnecessarily large base set up around my house with little minions to run it. I couldn’t tell you what the addictive factor is, but it’s definitely present when you get into it.

The game works as an RPG taking place in your very own city. It uses your GPS to place you on your exact position on Google Maps. You have the ability to claim territory with flags and to build an army of “Golems.”  If you are going get into the game, my first suggestion would be to get friendly with your neighbors, otherwise your territory won’t be “yours” for much longer! There is real-time multiplayer which allows you to trade, buy and sell, make alliances, make enemies, and even declare war. While I was disappointed by the absence of quests the game allows you to explore dungeons and to find certain items that will unlock new skills.

Being an online mutliplayer game  I couldn’t help but laugh at the confidence boost everyone gains from online chat. “Hey there beautiful, ASL?” maybe I shouldn’t have named my character Candy77. Another favourite was, “%@!$ ya, take that *****.”I think it’s good to be passionate about things… just not about stabbing me with a virtual sword. I also met some really nice people as well, “I can get you 100 gold, you just need to private message me your username and password and I’ll put it in your inventory.” Unfortunately, it was at this point I lost reception in the subway tunnel and could not take him up on his generous offer.

By my last comment you may have already assumed, the game only works with a good network connection, and GPS/Wireless Network Location. Not a huge drawback, but when it is no longer a game but rather an addiction, you’ll want your fix. Trust me. I feel like I’ve really immersed myself into the culture of the so-called “parallel world,” and if I’ve offended anyone or turned anyone off the game you must have misunderstood me. I play the game 24 – 7! I have even woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink and found myself on my phone for a good half an hour mining for iron, killing creatures, and fortifying my kingdom. The wife still isn’t impressed by my new habit but I think PerBlue has really done an excellent job on taking advantage of the Android platform and creating something worth while.

Feel free to hit me up on Parallel Kingdom. (Username: Mattman911)


    Welcome to the game, Matt! Give me an add if you need help… username is CBKBAMF

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  • Matt! Give me an add if you need help… username is CBKBAMF

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  • danxx

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  • Remis

    LoL dont even waste your time with this game people. This game is really a scam and cost all most 30$ a month unless you want to endlessly chop trees trees for 120hrs a month to unock all the game if you dont wanna pay.

    Also sometimes your stuff *dissapears* and tech takes over 3 weeks to reply to your email… and half the time they say you didnt have anything in the first place.

    Final if you piss off a vet* or one of the beta testers some how your fav weapons dissapear or you end up getting a 2 week ban -_- THIs might be a good game when the devs learn how to stick to their part of the tos and how to stop stupid stuff like scamming players and not policing it.

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    But by all means, try this game – very neat, turns up great people all around you, and just a little addictive 😉

    Good luck,

  • “I also met some really nice people as well, “I can get you 100 gold, you just need to private message me your username and password and I’ll put it in your inventory.” Unfortunately, it was at this point I lost reception in the subway tunnel and could not take him up on his generous offer.”

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  • The Wizard

    I played this game, but of course due to it’s terribly limited graphics it is only fun for about an hour, then you will want to go back to LoTRo or whatever your ‘real’ mmo is. This game is so bad as to be laughable.

  • Tauzor

    Just a warning to all, anyone promising to give you free items, or more than 1000g and 100 food is lying. All you get for entering a referal code is 1000g and 100 food. Never give anyone your password. If they tell you they will put items/gold in your inventory they are just trying to steal all of your gold/items.

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  • GoodAsGould

    Well this is my favourite game, its a massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (:
    The game is all played on an alternate “world” that uses google maps as the game area. Location is based on GPS. Which adds a twist to it (:
    Basics of the game are as followed; You control a player, collecting resources, fighting monsters, talking to other players. You can take over land by building flags. You can build cities, and war with other players using followers. You can join or make kingdoms to either build an amazing kingdom or destroy other kingdoms. There are weekly competitions leaderboards for hats, these hats are to show great pride of winning one of the sections of a leaderboard. Every section has a different hat.
    There is also customizable weapons and armour. There are different types, all based on making fair play and they have pros and cons, allowing a good range of style for every player.
    There are also skills, one per level up. These skills also enchance game play, and can be used for different styles, be it combat, or gathering resources.
    It also has Chat systems that are quiet well done. Many varied chats for different purposes, also a message system set up. Messages for 1 on 1 converstations, but also messages to people in your city, or in your kingdom. The game is very social, a lot of nice players, as well as some not so nice players.. but thats okay because you can also block players, hehe xD
    The game does have less impressive graphics, but its made that way on purpose, it has a nice feeling the way it is. Its simple but eloquent.
    The game also has to man forms of money, Food and Gold. Gold is dropped my monsters, and you can “dump” items for gold. Though you would be better off selling those items to other players for gold. So there is an infinite amount of gold available in game. Where as Food, is limited. You can only get food by using your start off food, buying food, getting people to join, or other small things the company PerBlue, decides can give you food. e.g. Liking their Facebook page.
    Overall I find the game quiet addictive. I think everyone should at least try it out, (:
    Refer Code : NSQKF
    Yes a refer code, I’m sorry, that does seem low, but in using my refer code, yes i will get a bonus of some food. BUT i will get a automatic friend request from you, which will allow me to contact you in game, and i will gladly help you as much as i can (:

    Menu > Chat > Help Chat
    If you need any help or have questions be sure to ask, or if you prefer learning more in depth by yourself,
    Menu > Help > Guide


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  • All you get for entering a referal code is 1000g and 100 food. Never give anyone your password. If they tell you they will put items/gold in your inventory they are just trying to steal all of your gold/items.

  • *sentinel*

    I really find this game awesome!! It’s a true mmorpg, it really allows you to do anything, you can be a griefer, messing with people’s virtual lives by burning their flags, or make gold and become well known, or hunt and be reserved, or really anything!!
    I’ve played this game for over a year and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

    Also, I’d appreciate if you used my referral code: irfzd , in game, the tutorial will ask if you have a referral code. I’ll get some extra food and you’ll get gold, don’t forget to confirm your email address!

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    Love this game and am totally hooked. Read the online guide and the forum is a ton of help for a newb. Don’t listen to anyone that says they’ll give you anything more than the 1000 gold and 100 food you get from using a referal code, it’s not worth it to them. If you don’t use a code you pretty much get squat to start with and is definitely more difficult to get going that way.

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  • [TLG]Gould

    Parallel Kingdom is a MMORPG, Massive Multipler Online Role Playing Game. Though it isn’t exactly like most mmos or rpgs, it’s something quiet special. You can play this game with quiet a few different styles. For the mobile version, (mobile and computer versions available, each separate from one another), it gives you the ability to “Relocate” to the spot you are in real life. Allowing you to explore the world.By the way the game is played across Google Map of the entire earth. Players can travel by relocating, building flags, “walking” pets. You can only move in a limited area based on the spot you are. You can then travel to other buildings/flags and the limited area moves to that. People also have the avability to set buildings and flags to Private, Normal, and Public. Public allows anyone that is not an Enemy to travel it for a set price. Normal requires Passage Grant from the owner. Private is well Private.The game has lots of things to do. You can use weapons to Hunt creatures and monsters. Every one killed gives a gold reward based on what type and strength it is. Some creatures even drop basic items, such as Wolves dropping Leather, on occasion. Players can Chop the different types of trees. Dusk Trees that will slowly kill anything that stands near it. Great Fern Trees that can be harvested for useful Great Fern Sap (One of the materials needed to repair weapons). Then the most prosperous and common tree, the Mourning Tree. These are protected by the noble Trolls who while protected the sacred tree, unless you earn there trust. Mourning Trees also have berries that can be harvested. These can be eaten to heal over time, or be used to plant Mourning Tree Saplings that will grow up to full trees if tended to.Though the hunting and gathering isn’t for everyone. For those who prefer there is also a larger player base that lives for war. Be it one on one combat, ambushing and assassinating players, attacking and burning each others flags.Then there is Kingdoms. It suits a large variety of player styles, drawing on each type to help in the growth of kingdoms. The war players to defend and attack against other kingdoms. The hunters to kill beasts on kingdom land to generate kingdom bricks. The gatherers to provide the materials to upgrade and expand the kingdom. The social players to create alliances, spy on possible threats. The traders to help get deals for kingdom players. The explorers to search for enemies and secret hideaways. When Kingdoms came out it created a even larger push towards social aspects of PK. This game has so much more to offer than I have said here, there is still the different things such as, Dungeons, Specialization classes, Skills, Badges, Cities, Competitions, and a multitude of other things.PK is an ever changing and evolving game that could become your new place to create havoc, or help the weak, to explorer and conquer, or to lay in the shadows. Either way every player can find a place in this ever growing world. Be a causal player just playing to waste time, or a hardcore player who wants to be the best. This game has so much to offer. For the web version you can use this link to play mobile you can get the App on the itunes store, or the droid store. Depending on what device you have. If you want you can also use my referral code when you finish the turoial, which will give me a small currency reward. As well as give me a friend request from you, that way I can help you learn how to play. Though please note I do play mobile a lot more often than computer version.Referral Code Mobile: NSQKFReferral Code Web: UZFISY

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  • “I also met some really nice people as well, “I can get you 100 gold,
    you just need to private message me your username and password and I’ll
    put it in your inventory.” Unfortunately, it was at this point I lost
    reception in the subway tunnel and could not take him up on his generous

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  • Cheesed off

    Biggest hang up, other than the addiction, is the lack of support from the devs when things go wrong. get a moron report you for using ingame spam features and BOOOOM suspended for harrassing behaviour. not to mention a flawed ToS and several rather serious DPA breaches in my time playing.

    Nice idea, sell it to a more professional company.

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  • sir Lord Barimus

    Mattman911…. Your 3 years inactive. youve missed tons of updates. your avatar now has a body and you can wear armour n weapons.

  • Andy Kaupe

    This game is over run by hackers. Customer service makes in game friendships and lets certain players use exploits and hacks. Until this company separates work from play this game will fail. Hackers won’t pay and honest players that would have paid will soon realize that they can not win. If you want to cheat your way to victory then play this game, and befriend lebix. However if your honest, and enjoy true accomplishment then steer clear

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