Walmart: No Nexus One for Us. Thanks for Nothing, “Technical Error”


After less than a day in existence, the rumor that Walmart plans to offer the Nexus One has been killed.  In a statement earlier today, Walmart dashed the hopes of more than a couple of folks.

Due to a technical error, this item erroneously was displayed on our site. We’re working with our partner Let’s Talk to have it removed as quickly as possible. We have no plans to carry Nexus One in Walmart stores or online at at this time. – Walmart spokesman Ravi Jariwala


  1. Good. I don't want anything to do with WalMart, and it would have made me rage to have to pay more elsewhere because I choose not to support their store.

    Of course, I'm all for if the N1 shows up at Best Buy, since I have gift cards.