Archos 7-Inch Tablet Leaked, Features Webcam


We didn’t anticipate running a tablet story on the site today being everyone we know will be watching the Apple event later today.  Nonetheless, we have a new Android-based tablet to start following. Following on the heels of their 5-inch tablet, Archos has a 7-inch model with a front-facing webcam on the way.

Rumored to go on sale in March for £149.99 ($242 US), it will offer the same 8GB onboard memory found in the previous model.  The 7-inch LCD screen has a resolution of  800 x 480 pixels, putting it (obviously) 2 inches larger than their first device.   The software appears to be getting a slight tweak  as well, with support for song yrics

It’s not just hardware which will be upgraded between the models, with the software being upgraded too. Song lyrics support, and .APE compatibility are among some of the details that emerged so far.

Source: ArchosFans via Gizmodo


  1. Yeah I saw that too. I'm afraid Archos has locked down the Android Operating System to the point where as a developer and consumer I'm going to stay away from this device until Archos owns up and offers Android Marketplace and Google Maps instead of trying to monetize on Ads by Admob. Very frustrating in my opinion and the user/consumer has to hack the Archos tablet just to get it to work right for them. Its still the same Archos I knew 3 years ago with a new facelift.