Chinavision Succeeds Where Others Have Failed, Makes a Boring Android Handset.

Engadget Mobile has an article up taking a look at Chinavision’s “Robot” Android handset. Check out the article for the full specs and lowdown on the phone.  I’ll give you a hint before you go – It’s a 2.8″, dual-band snoozer.  As I stated in the title, this handset is nothing to get excited about in the least bit.

What I find interesting is the fact that we are starting to see Android penetrate deeply into the handset market, where even low end phones like this one are carrying Android. I really thought we would see this start to happen as Google pushed for Android to be on as many handsets as possible but I was not so sure after the release of the “superphone”.  However, this is an example of how a low end developer takes advantage of the free and open source Android.  In my opinion, this is a good thing, if only because that means Android is becoming the “go-to” OS for companies.

If you live outside of North America and do have an interest in this handset, it retails at $179.00.

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