Motorola is Working on a Google Phone

It doesn’t come as a surprise, but Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha confirmed today that his company is working in partnership with Google on an Android phone to be sold directly to consumers.

Presumably, this handset would join the Nexus One in Google’s online store. Further, Jha made clear the phone is to be released this year, along with 19 other new Motorola smartphones, all likely running Android.

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  • yay, a confirmation!
    so this is the earlier render that appeared around the web, the qwerty keyboard nexus one.
    will defiantly get this!

  • Sammy D

    Ok, this might not be a google phone, but it looks like Samsung is joining the party with more 3.7 inch screen, snapdragon powered phones

  • Bah – Google will sell it – which means I can't get it for T-mobile without dropping my family plan, Boo, Google's direct sell sucks.

    • I second that, they leave us family plan users hanging

      • Aidan

        some of the podcasts on nexus one that i have watched, suggested that if you pick up the Nexus One on Tmobiles plan and the call up customer service they can help you get it onto a family plan

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