Nexus One Dock Now Available for $45

Those of you with the Nexus One are advised to swing by the Google store and take a look at the new Desktop Dock.  For $45, users get the dock as well as a 3.5mm-to-RCA audio cable so you can listen to your handset’s music directly through your stereo.

Once you place your Nexus One in the dock, it immediately opens the clock application. From there, you’ll be able to do things such as set alarms, play music, check weather, and watch slideshows of your photos.

The first time you insert your Nexus One into the dock, it pairs with it via Bluetooth.  At that point, you’ll be prompted as to whether you want to play music via the 3.5mm stereo audio jack.  It’s also pointed out in the user manual that you should never connect your dock to a computer as it does not transmit data.

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  1. Streets Of Boston
    January 28, 15:00 Reply

    It wasn't very clear whether the dock comes with its own charger to plug into a power-socket?
    Or Is it just a dock and you need to use your phone's charger?

    • Justin
      January 28, 15:48 Reply

      I was wondering the same thing. The manual indicates it does. " Plug the supplied charger into…."

    • mikeB
      January 29, 19:42 Reply

      i can clear that up.. it absolutely comes with its own power supply and an extremely good quality audio cable. as for the will it charge other phones… not even close you've never seen a dock so thin its insane but a perfect match for the nexus it looks like a show piece sitting on my desk now. the box it comes in is exactly what you should be expecting as well, replica nexus box. congrats google another glorious product for your high end android users!!!

  2. cbcbill
    January 28, 15:28 Reply

    Just wondering….will this dock charge other phones like the sprint hero, g1, etc.??

    • David
      January 28, 16:56 Reply

      Nope only the nexus one has the gold contacts in the correct spots to work with the docking station

    • ggg
      January 28, 23:05 Reply

      lame question. why would google wait till now to release a universal docking station?

  3. bkdroid
    January 29, 00:52 Reply

    Now where is the car dock? I've been waiting for that since I bought the phone.

  4. Ace
    April 04, 09:26 Reply

    Yes it comes with charger and 3.5mm audio jack to sterio pin__its amazing and i think its worth it__it converts your phone in to nightstand, music player and digital photo frame

  5. Alkis
    April 06, 15:45 Reply

    Hey guys,

    i just bought the Case-Mate Google Nexus One Gelli Case (… ) and i'm interested in buying the docking station as well but I can't figure out if the phone is going to fit properly on the dock, with the gelli skin. Any ideas/help ?

    Thank you in advance

  6. Joe
    September 23, 06:49 Reply

    What happens if I want to talk on the phone while it is docked? Can I use the speaker phone? Will the dock amplify the microphone, too? Can I walk around the room, leaving the phone docked, and converse with my caller as with a speaker-phone system?

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