T-Mobile Pushes out Mysterious Update for MyTouch 3G

Last night, around 11PM PST, I received a little notification from T-Mobile on MyTouch 3G, alerting me of an available update.   Naturally, I got all excited until I looked at the details and it was still Android 1.6.   Of course, I installed it anyway.

Are there any noticeable difference?  Well, I did notice that my own apps are gone from the Android Market.  My own, as in, I developed them.  I also noticed the absence of some other titles, notably “Linked” (former “Linkedin”) app. I just verified with a buddy who has a G1 and he sees my apps just fine so it’s definitely my phone that has this problem.

I will contact T-Mobile right now to see if they are aware of what might have happened.  Have any of you seen any updates or noticeable changes as a customer or developer?

UPDATE: Our own Nicole says that this update is to fix the calls being missed as they were not showing as missed calls.  She said she received hers about a week ago.

  • "My apps" are "A Top Job Search" and two versions of DroidIn. It would be interesting to get feedback from people with updated MyTouch just to see if you guys can find it. If someone can try and let me know that would be much appreciated

    Bo Stone

    • Sean

      I'm seeing 4 versions of DroidIn and mine hasn't been updated that I'm aware of

  • Frankie

    I have he mytouch 3g but haven't any ota

  • Joe Cruz

    awe man. I just rooted my mytouch.

  • Chris

    I just received this update on my US T-mobile G1 phone as well.

  • RNekic

    Disappearing apps is apparently common when OS updates get pushed out. The Market won't display copy-protected apps (if you checked that box when you submitted your app) in the Market of devices running OS versions Google has not certified. Unfortunately, it appears Google doesn't get around to certifying OS updates in a very timely manner.

    You can find many threads about the issue on the Android Market Help forum; like this one for the HTC Droid Eris which was finally resolved late last week:


    • Thanks @RNekic now it makes some disturbing sense. I'll post this on AM forum

      • RNekic

        Good luck! The threads regarding this issue seem to go unanswered by Google reps and it appears to take rather a long time for the OS update to be certified. I think the Market on the Eris was affected for nearly two weeks after its last update.

        One would assume the device manufacturers would coordinate their updates with Google to avoid this situation but that doesn't seem to be the case. Perhaps this will improve as the problem becomes more widely recognized…although threads indicate this has been affecting various devices over 6 months.

  • Chrisnich32

    I also have a Mytouch 3G. I did not receive any updates that I am aware of and I can see your apps in The Market.

  • Well the bizarre twist is that T-Mobile techie refused to take a blame and assured me that it was Google who pushed the update. See here http://is.gd/7fm3K


    My troubles seem to end as mysteriously as these began. I was driving, using Navigation on MyTouch – out of the blue my phone rebooted itself, no help from me. When it came up and I arrived to my destination my apps were back. Crazy

  • my phone randomly rebooted yesterday on me too when it came back up my market showed apps games t-mobile instead of apps games downloads i now have carrier billing option which i never had before although i never got a ota yet whats the build number for this 1.6 update?

  • gotasya

    I installed this update on my MyTouch 3G yesterday morning. My contacts and apps were gone, but after about 2 hours everything came back (you have to sync it to gmail). Now I love it!!! 🙂 The new design looks a lot like an iPhone. There’s a new grid view of all your apps (instead of the sliding out option at the bottom of the screen). Now you can unlock your screen and silence your phone by using convenient sliding bars. The Gmail app has improved a lot, too. It’s faster and has a few very useful new buttons. My favorite change, though, is that you can zoom in and out any website and photos by using your thumb and index finger (like on an iPhone), instead of having to click on the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen. I feel like all of my installed apps open much quicker now, and the apps that came with the phone (gmail, browser, alarm clock, etc) just look much slicker! As a few of you mentioned, the list of installed apps disappeared from my market, but it’s not a big deal for me. I still have all of the apps on my phone. And the timing of this update couldn’t have been better! I was getting really frustrated with how slow my phone was and how it kept on making me force close pretty much everything. I was seriously considering switching to my boyfriend’s At&T plan and get an iPhone. But I think I’ll wait now 🙂

  • gera

    mi phone is so slow now!!!!!!!!!!

  • paul

    looked good but went really slow after the update. anyone know how to undo the update?