October 2, 2014

T-Mobile Pushes out Mysterious Update for MyTouch 3G

Last night, around 11PM PST, I received a little notification from T-Mobile on MyTouch 3G, alerting me of an available update.   Naturally, I got all excited until I looked at the details and it was still Android 1.6.   Of course, I installed it anyway.

Are there any noticeable difference?  Well, I did notice that my own apps are gone from the Android Market.  My own, as in, I developed them.  I also noticed the absence of some other titles, notably “Linked” (former “Linkedin”) app. I just verified with a buddy who has a G1 and he sees my apps just fine so it’s definitely my phone that has this problem.

I will contact T-Mobile right now to see if they are aware of what might have happened.  Have any of you seen any updates or noticeable changes as a customer or developer?

UPDATE: Our own Nicole says that this update is to fix the calls being missed as they were not showing as missed calls.  She said she received hers about a week ago.

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