Firefox Development Underway for Android

It seems that Mozilla has begun work in earnest on building Firefox for the Android platform.  Citing sources from the German Firefox community, Softpedia says that Mozilla is working with developers to make a build available that will at least display webpages in February, with a usable Alpha coming months down the road from that.

This is great news for those Android users looking for the Firefox experience on the their handsets. With Mozilla announcing in late 2009 that they were considering moving towards the Android OS, it appears they are going make good on that statement.

It is safe to say however that we will not see something usable for most likely another 6 months if there are any development delays (and there always are).  Still, the idea that there is a Firefox Browser build in the pipes coming our way is exciting and something to look forward to!

If you want to track the progress of the Android flavor of Firefox, and you can read German, check out the Firefox forums by clicking here.

  • eClpise

    Make flash work and you'll get Christmas cards from me for life, otherwise, the browser my G1 came with is fine.

  • I’m sure Mozilla will include support for Flash. I’m hoping to see Silverlight support too. But in my mind, the thing that makes Firefox great is it’s range of plugins.

  • still waiting on opera 10 mobile for android. although ff could be useful untill then

  • great.. cool..

  • Interesting news indeed! It is hoped that it would confer extra edge to Android. The Android users are eager to welcome the wonder kit. Thanks.