HTC Offers Sense UI as Download for Magic Owners

HTC has formally announced the release of “ROM Version:3.05.401.3” which allows for Magic owners to download and install Sense UI.  This means the great features and customized widgets found on the Hero can be yours!  Head to HTC‘s website to download the ROM Update Utility (RUU) to your PC.  As always, be sure to back up your files and important data before undertaking something along these lines.  Be sure to have your serial number handy too.

  • MishkaGreen

    Looks like only for Europe phones?

  • JapAC

    It's only for some 32a in EU but don't work with all.
    You can find on XDA roms build for EU and "US" (canada but it'll work with US 32a)

  • Mat

    Doh! Don't work for UK Vodafone HTC Magic.

  • Stephen

    Can u do this on the mytouch? would it even be worth it?

    • PPP

      So, you can do this update on the myTouch 3G without rooting it?

  • I did the update last week on my HTC Magic. And it works perfectly. I feel like I have an HTC Hero now !

    At least this time Rogers said they would give us an update and they did 🙂

    @Stephen I can guarantee you it’s worth it but, memory usage is much higher now. I am usually in the range of 40 Megs free without much stuff running whereas I was at 70Mb before the update.

    So yes, it’s a good update but it consumes resources.

    • josh

      Hey I just got off the phone with an htc rep and i was told it would NOT work with the Mytouch 🙁 … he told me if the phone was manufactured in canada or europe it would but mine came from the us so its a no go.

  • Maciek

    doesn't work with htc magic from Orange… :(((

  • Doesn't work with the HTC Magic (Vodacom)… this really sucks 🙁

  • John Lane

    And doesn't work with the TIM Magic. So just what does it work with?

  • Fysal

    Is it possible to upgrade this to HTC bought from Etisalat UAE.

  • Ahmed

    Will it work on Magic (HT-03A) from ‘nttdocomo’?