Nexus One With AT&T 3G Bands Found in FCC Filing


Good news for all you AT&T subscribers who held out on getting a Nexus One because of the 3G incompatibility.  It appears there is another version on the way!  Check out the pictures below and you’ll see two different labels.  The label to the right is what current Nexus One owners have while the left is the new variant.  Obviously, the two are identical in form.  Looking a bit deeper one finds more proof in the pudding.

The two labels are only off by a single digit – Old filing was FCC ID NM899100 whereas the new one is NM899110.  Snoop around in the RF reports and you’ll see support for 3G on WCDMA Bands I, II, and V.  In plain English that means 3G for AT&T, Rogers, Bell, and Telus.  Oh, and most of Europe too.

Any AT&T customers out there excited over the news?  Are you glad you held off?

Source: Engadget | FCC (Nexus One) | FCC (Nexus One Alternate)


    • This is true. But what it means is that an unlocked Nexus One AT&T will be able to use pre-paid SIMs in Europe. AT&T charges a lot for international roaming. On something like the iPhone, while it supports European 3G frequencies, you are going to pay AT&T some serious money to use it in Europe unless you unlock it which voids the warranty.

      So, if you are an AT&T subscriber that travels outside the US frequently and want a good unlocked smartphone, this is pretty good news.

    • I can't wait! Makes me want to cry! But, I must wonder is this the ATT HTC phone that ATT was referring to as coming to ATT? I think not as ATT said their HTC phone would be an exclusive.

      So, what does that mean? This NexusOne will have to be purchased without a subsidy from ATT… I don't have $500.00 for a cell phone!

      Guess I'm still waiting…. Wating….

      • I am with you on that! I will gracefully 'retire' my Blackberry curve the moment Nexus One arrives on Verizon. However, I cannot spend $574 ($529+$45 for dock) on a cell phone 🙁

        I am sure Verizon will offer it with a subsidy and my contract will be up for renewal then. I know Nexus One will be a hit on Verizon. I would rather buy Verizon stock now before they launch Nexus One 🙂

      • Why does everyone seem to think that only exclusive HTC and Motorola phones are coming to AT&T? Let's run the number real quick! AT&T said they would have 5 phones coming. That's all your fingers on one hand. They also said 3 would be exclusive AND that we would get those 5 phones from HTC, Motorola, and Dell. If you assume that we have one exclusive from each manufacturer, then you have 2 phones left. Now, if you have 2 non-exclusive phones from 3 possible manufacturers, did people REALLY think that the Nexus One or Droid were NOT going to be one of those non-exclusive phones? Hint, they are from HTC and Motorola respectively. Both of those manufacturers are on the AT&T list.