More Rumblings of 2.0 for the G1

A couple weeks ago, we heard the G1 might see an OTA update to Android 2.0 this month. There’s only a couple days left for that to be strictly true, but we’re hearing more rumblings that the upgrade is not far off. 

This time, word comes from the Czech Republic. First, a tweet saying that Czech T-Mobile confirmed the update. Next, a Czech Android fan site reports getting confirmation from T-Mobile that “yes, both the G1 and Pulse will be shortly upgraded to 2.0.” (machine translated).

Still just rumblings, and no timeframe attached this time, but we like where they are headed.

A hat tip to Thomas Riley, who once again broke the news.

  • I have a G1 modded with CyanogenMod-4.2.13. With out the mod I would be running ver1.6. What added benefits do you get from ver 1.6 to 2.0 and would it be worth changing back and not using the mod from Cyanogen?

    • Alz

      CM's rom is technically still 1.6 (as defined by the Build.VERSION info), but he backports some 2x apis. With the 2.0 rom, you will (obviously) be using the real mccoy.

  • Dominick

    I already have 2.1 on my rooted G1 using OpenEclair ROM by csto. Features are pretty cool everyone should tried a 2.1 ROM. Root your phones you will never regret it.

  • Alvin B.

    I would highly recommend if you like USING your phone not to use the current 2.x line of ROMs. What they fail to tell you is there are no hardware accellerated drivers, which means that video won't work. That's right, not only can't you watch youtube videos, but you'll be unable to watch ANY video on the phone. Those h.264 files you converted? Nope. Files imported by DoubleTwist? Nope…

    I run a rooted 1.6, but until hardware drivers are available for the Dream, which isn't likely to happen unless 2.x is OTA'd, then running it on your own phone is an exercise in futility.

    • Rene

      I thought that the majority of the 2.x roms were in fact 1.6 roms with 2.x backports. The reason being that this offers 2.x functionality with 1.6 hardware support.

  • JustAPhoneUser

    I am using KiNgxKxlicK AOSP 2.1 and it is the first time my phone has ever had acceptable performance. There are a lot of under the hood performance improvements, especially with this build. It is just as stable and way faster then the stock rom. not sure about videos, but I do not use my phone for that so I cant comment on that, but bluetooth/wifi/camera/video recorder all work…

    • QvErSe

      Justaphoneuser writes ” I do not use my phone for that so I cant comment on that, but bluetooth/wifi/camera/video recorder all work..”

      Well which is it?? does it or does it not work ??

      As far as I know not all of hardware drivers are available for the Dream runing 2.1, which isn’t likely to happen unless 2.x is OTA’d..The prove is that I have a dream and im running Eclair_2.1-v1.5 G1/MT3G 32B …and everything is working EXCEPT video..
      I have tried pushing a few drivers and still have not been able to find the right one..But in all I recommend 2.1..I have had the dream G1 from the first day out ( still looks like the first prototype android) .. and I want to be able to get the MAX out of this baby and 2.1 is the way to go..

  • Some great feed back I really appreciate it. i hope the OTA does happen, I will give it a try then. One thing I would really like is better performance I hate waiting on the home screen to load or switching to the phone to make a call and waiting on it to load.

  • several

    The G1 doesn't have enough room on the phone itself for 2.x. Not gonna happen unless it assumes the presence of an SD and installs part of it there and includes Apps2SD. Which is reason #475 I'll be upgrading to an N1 as soon as my tax refund arrives. 🙂

    • thescarletnecklace

      People were speculating that 1.6 wouldn't fit either but it did. And besides it will probably be a hacked up version of 2.0. There are a lot of things that are not needed by the G1/Dream in 2.0 (such as camera flash support).

  • jovannyalva

    so will mythouch 3g get an update? nothing said bout it in this article bout 2.0 so will it get 2.1? anyone…