First Look at T-Mobile myTouch Slide

We’d recently started hearing whispers that T-Mobile would be expanding their myTouch handset into a line of phones, starting with a slideout QWERTY model.  With no pictures, specs, or estimated release to speak of, we were left wanting more.

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The team over at Droid Developer was able to get their hands on what’s easily assumed to be the myTouch Slide.  If you look at the pictures, you can see the “my” logo at the top of the handset.  The back  also identifies both HTC and T-Mobile, adding more to the argument.  We’re fans of the spaced out, 4-row QWERTY.

The specs that come along with these pictures are a 320×480 resolution touch screen, ARM11 chip, camera with LED flash, 3.5mm headphone jack, microSD memory card slot and a 1300mAh battery.  It also appears the phone has a trackpad similar the one found on the Samsung Moment.

Taking a closer look at the back, it appears to us that this phone has not one, but two snapping arc-sliders.  There will be no doubt that the phone is either opened or closed.

Via: Androinica

  • Specs are a real yawn

  • Guest

    Points for a physical keyboard but negative points for number keys not being primary keys (needs a 5th row for number keys (re the G1) or a separate number pad to the right of the keyboard). Agreed, the rest is yawn.

  • Cliq

    seriously… another row for num keys? no, it ok like that. if you opening this phone your prolly texting.. not dialing. i think it should still look more like the original mytouch- this is a downgrade in looks 🙁

  • jazzz

    its freakinn ugly

  • Ratnok

    I agree that having a number row is important. The G1 and the Moment have the best keyboards out there partly because of the number row. The Moment does it with 4 rows to have larger keys. They are missing an opportunity here. Well, at least they added a camera flash. If this phone comes with 1 gig of memory, Android 2.1, and HTC Sense, it might be worth picking up.

  • Guest

    What is the diff between this phone and the motorola cliq. looks like HTC just copied motorola on this one.