Hivision Netbook Could Run Under $100


Check out the the Hivision PWS700CA laptop found in this review from friend of the site, Charbax.  The 600MHz powered Android Laptop is currently being shopped around, looking for distributors.  According to Charbax, this netbook could reach the bargain-basement pricing of $100 or less should a large reseller such as Walmart or Best Buy step up.


Other specs in the Hivision PWS700CA include 128SDRAM, a 7″ 800×480 display, 720p HD support, WiFi, Ethernet, and audio input/output.   You can head to to read more on the device as well as look at a full gallery.


  1. I feel a flood of under $100 "Netbooks" coming on in the next 12 months. There will be lots of choices at various prices for so called "netbooks". Are we not looking at UMPC form factor here and not a "Netbook"?

  2. And they said Apple just dumped an iphone on the ipad, well they just dumped a Android a phone OS on a notebook and boy does it suck. Google need to make a optimised version for netbooks or the netbook manufacturer need to be less lazy and modify the Android to work with it properly, not just dump it on and make the keyboard work.