Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Headed to T-Mobile Germany in April

It seems like forever since we started talking about the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.  After months of of hype and anticipation, the sleek and sexy Android handset is finally getting some official release information.  We’ve learned today that T-Mobile Germany will be offering the Xperia X10 starting in April with an undetermined price point.  Only a few months beyond that rumored February launch!

We’re anxiously awaiting the announcement for a US carrier.  Last we heard, it could go either way with both AT&T and T-Mobile specs found within paperwork.  We’ve spoken to quite a few people who have spent some time playing with one of these and they have nothing but glowing remarks for it.  The only thing we’re remotely bothered by at this point is the Android 1.6 hiding underneath the user experience.  Of course, that’s easily fixed with an OTA update.

Source: the unwired via Engadget Mobile

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  1. TareX
    January 30, 21:57 Reply

    Great! So we'll be getting news of the delay in March, and then more delays in May, then the phone will finally launch in June!

  2. JAMES
    January 31, 13:22 Reply

    I just can't believe how wrong Sony can get on the launch of the phone. its been so long in development that the launching version of Android is old, there have been so many reviews and videos for so long that the phone has lost some intrigue before its even out.

    The main issue I have with the launch is that dispite my desire to own something that has better feature than the iPhone, the iPhone 4G is likely be come out May/June, we don't even have confirmation that the Sony will be out by then. Its now at the point of just wait for that!

  3. Rene
    January 31, 14:35 Reply

    It is a rare talent to bring out a beautiful phone and still create 'so-last-year' buzz around it. A company like Apple succeeds in doing exactly the opposite, last year products with a hyper buzz.

  4. 007
    January 31, 23:23 Reply

    So far Tmobile USA will NOT carry X10

  5. slayerXcore
    February 01, 18:04 Reply

    phone was great to play with at CES i would consider getting it if it ever comes to the USA preferable on T-Mobile

  6. @ZilverZurfarn
    February 01, 20:36 Reply

    Just like the iPad will legitimize the Tablet format, Sony Ericsson will legitimize the Android platform with X10 where SE is a major phone manufacturer. Where I live, it's SE and Nokia and nothing else. OK, the iPhone isn't uncommon, but mostly bought by people who want to show how cool they are. HTC, Acer and LG are all but unknown as phone manufacturers, and noone has heard of Motorola since Micro TAC. But when X10 is finally shipped, no matter how last year it is to us geeks, it will make the mass market aware of Android, opening up the market for those obscure Far East brands mentioned. It will most likely not be the best phone around. It will surely not be the best bang for bucks. It may even not sell well. But it will pave the road for the Android OS.

  7. latin1
    February 02, 18:43 Reply

    has any american phone carrier ever carried SonyEricsson smart phones aside of the candybar variety?
    SE is not a big player in the US, so hardly expect it to be a game changer for Android here. I think giving iPad that much credit seems a bit too optimistic, so far as what I've read/seen, not very impressive…aside of a overgrown iPhone…but we'll see.

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