Box for Verizon’s Devour Hits the Web

The box and accompanying art for Verizon‘s upcoming Devour have made their way online, leading us to believe we should be hearing something official before too long.  Based on the picture, we can see that the final color appears to be the silver finish that was spotted a few weeks back. There seems to be a heavy focus on MOTOBLUR’s features with the Devour.  It’s not too surprising though seeing as how this will be Verizon‘s first handset with the user experience. So now we know the look, most of the specs, and what the box looks like.  All we’re waiting for now, is an announcement as to price and release.

Source: Android Central

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  • never relay liked blur perhaps the hardware can keep up with blurs demands on this phone though.

    • Plat

      Sadly it can't. I played with a verizon test unit a month ago and this is very much an entry level phone. They cut off a full row of keys, so it's pretty awkward to type on. It was running a 1.6 version of blur and it was definitely pretty sluggish. Couple that with a camera that didn't auto-focus and the whole thing is pretty underwhelming. There was a couple other oddities I didn't like too, but it was mostly Blur related.
      I've had a G1 since day one and still enjoy it (Though the Nexus one is completely awesome after using one). But as far as Verizon Android phones, the Droid owns this thing in every conceivable way. even the G1 is a more refined device. It would make for a nice "free" promo phone to spread android love to the masses, but it'll leave them wanting it's big brother Droid.

  • Cut off a row of keys?

    So its different from all the photos? The ones I've seen show the Devour with a row of dedicated number keys.

    I was hoping this would usher in a new era of properly designed QWERTY phones..

  • Plat

    I say cut off a row of keys cause it only has 4 and the G1 has 5. But that wasn't really it (Cause the Droid has 4 rows too.) Here is a more concise list of grips after typing on it for about 10 minutes:
    -Letters on either side of the spacebar.
    -There's no shift/function keys on the left side of the keypad
    -The keys are slightly more sunken in than the picture looks.
    Your mileage may vary, but that was my user experience off the bat. If you can live with the keyboard layout it's not too bad a phone otherwise!

  • shootmenow

    See, I love the Droid except for that keyboard… whew. UNUSEABLE!

    I’d love to get my hands on this for a spin.

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